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Photos from 6/26 meet

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    Re: Photos from 6/26 meet

    Originally posted by NeverNeverland
    I didn't understand a word you said but I love the pics!
    Well, you know those USC grads.... :lol: and their language skills....we can't all be from great institutions like Cal State Fullerton:yea: :sleep:

    (Just kidding Morrigoon - you know I hold you in high regard - please don't check me into the boards - wait, that might be fun )


    Alright now, BACK ON TOPIC!!! (She is a mod, after all.)
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      Re: Photos from 6/26 meet

      wow, I was there. I saw it all. I survived....

      Great time. One of the best times at the park. I like to think of it as one of those nights that comes around only once in while. There was such an odd vibe in the air. It was amazing. :ap:

      Thanks for the pics!

      space! Bwaaaahahahahahaha!!!


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        Re: Photos from 6/26 meet

        AHAHA! It certainly was quite a night. John needs to get on here and share his pics of the Mutiny. He got some great shots.

        and that pic of me on Space. That girl in front of me, her hair was in my face the entire ride. So annoying!
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          Re: Photos from 6/26 meet

          Thanks Goonie.....just wished I'd decided to show up! But after Sunday and today.....No way!
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          it's what they are like in their HEART!

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            Re: Photos from 6/26 meet

            Great thread, great pics, great fun.

            But most of all...

            Great comment"arrgh"y
            Charlie :wave:
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              Re: Photos from 6/26 meet

              I guess the only way I will see the left side is to ride it with the crused one??
              Great pictures too!!!
              aka Sara

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              One of my children
              isn't pictured,

              ABE is still hibernating :sleep:


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                Re: Photos from 6/26 meet

                Wow....looks like quite the day...For AP holders, I'm sure it's quite the adventure, but for those only able to do the one day a year thing, it must have been AWEFUL....
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