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july 23rd meet?


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  • july 23rd meet?

    hey guys! i was curious as to what entails in a meet of mc'ers? i'm hoping i'm in the right forum for this. just meet at the hub at noon on sunday? or is there other stuff to do? and how do i know who i'm looking for? i mean, i know what some people look like due to their avatars, but is there some common link?

    please help!!!
    kingdom hearts <3er

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    Re: july 23rd meet?

    I think you just keep a look out for threads with a date of a meet you would like to go to, or you can propose a meet as well. Usually, they are Sundays at 12:00 noon at the hub, and a few people wear mice chat shirts and/or buttons. Somebody mentioned that everybody meets up and then usually decides on a place to eat, and everybody tries to at least eat together and go on one ride or something....after that, people usually break off and do their own thing with their own groups. Nothing is written in stone, but it seems pretty casual.
    This is what I saw on a previous thread, since I have never been to a meet.

    Hope this helps.


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