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PMA Antique Show (Good Disney Stuff + Chance to Meet BrainToad!)


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  • PMA Antique Show (Good Disney Stuff + Chance to Meet BrainToad!)

    This is for the Northern California MiceChatters, specifically in the Bay Area. There is a huge antique show going down at the San Mateo Expo Center on October 21st and 22nd. This is one of the biggest antique shows in the Bay Area, a lot smaller then it used to be, but still pretty big. My dad has been setting up his booth and selling stuff at the show for a couple years and have been doing pretty good.

    A big reason why I'm posting this here isn't just free advertisement for my dad's business, but also for some fellow exhibitors who we refer to as the "Disney guys". They are two guys from Anaheim (they might even be here) who go to all the parks on a regular business picking up a bunch of merchandise and sell it at the show. They have loads of cool stuff, everything a true Disney fan needs.

    This also can be a little informal meet, as they set up next to my dad's booth and I will be working at the booth on the 21st with him. So maybe you can come by and say hi, maybe buy something from us or the Disney guys.

    For more info and an entrance coupon:

    You can post here if you are going to attending

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