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The October 14th Meet


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  • The October 14th Meet

    Well the 14th is a mere week away and Dustin and I will be at the sunday noon meet and would love to see you all again!

    So whose turn will it be to sit in the front row on Pirates this time? I think my jeans are STILL drying out from when we went on it in September

    Hope to see you there!

    You bet, I wouldn't miss it!
    Nope, I can't make it this time.
    Maybe so, maybe not...we'll see

    The poll is expired.

    Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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    Re: The October 14th Meet

    Yep, looks like i'll be there
    You can call me Dustin, that's what elly does

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      Re: The October 14th Meet

      Jimmie and I will be there for a few days starting the 12th. The meet, regardless of size, will be the highlight of our stay.
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        Re: The October 14th Meet

        I'll be there for the meet, but not sure if i could ride pirates. It is our last day at the resort and we leave at one.


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          Re: The October 14th Meet

          The Boy and I will be at DLR next week, Friday-Sunday. We will definatly be in Disneyland on Sunday, watching a bunch of friends going crazy with MA.


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            Re: The October 14th Meet

            I really want to be there. I've not been since early August, so, I need a "DL fix"

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              Re: The October 14th Meet

              I'd love to but I'll be in San Diego for the Air Show. HAve fun without us please!


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                Re: The October 14th Meet

                i think you need a trip to Sephora


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                  Re: The October 14th Meet

                  Sephora dfb is soi sick of it heh im there to much newayz i will be at the meet and im bringing a suprise guest hmmph
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                    Re: The October 14th Meet

                    Wish I could because I 'd love to see everyone who wasn't able to make this past weekend's meet.

                    Hope you all have fun and that the crowds aren't as big!


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                      Re: The October 14th Meet

                      So far it looks like I'll be there, but going solo this time if I do go. Wolfette has a book report due before we leave for Florida.
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                        Re: The October 14th Meet

                        Looks like I am doing another Disneyland weekend! :yea:I will se you all there.


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                          Re: The October 14th Meet

                          Awww, sorry we are going to miss you this time around. It was nice meeting you and talking about all things haunt last time.

                          But alas, we are going to be preparing for Florida since we leave next Thursday. :yea:


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                            Re: The October 14th Meet

                            I'm not sure about what day I'll be at the park, since I'm taking my Mom for her birthday - but I'll try to be there on Sunday.


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                              Re: The October 14th Meet

                              I put myself down for maybe, but it's looking more and more like a "no" at this point. I've got to work on my final project (which I haven't even started yet) for my online class.

                              Ah well - next time. Have fun!
                              She did it!


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                                Re: The October 14th Meet

                                Yeah! We'll be there. And Superstacie is making her trimuphant return to the noon meets!
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                                  Re: The October 14th Meet

                                  We wish to express Our intentions to be present this upcoming Sunday.
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                                    Re: The October 14th Meet

                                    I might be able to go. Depends on if I'm not sick like I am now.
                                    -Jack :geek:
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                                      Re: The October 14th Meet

                                      No Meet for me this week.

                                      Maybe later...
                                      How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
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                                        Re: The October 14th Meet

                                        i'll be there
                                        Is this haunted signature

                                        Or is it your imagination, hmm?
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