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Univ. H.ween Horror NT meet anyone?


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  • Univ. H.ween Horror NT meet anyone?

    Are any of you up for joining a group of Micechatters at Karl Strauss at Universal City Walk at U. Hollywood before a Halloween Horror night?

    Below are details that I'd prefer. Feel free to propose alternative plans. If what you'd like to do is very different, maybe start another thread.

    --Tickets purchased by yourself in advance

    --After meeting at Karl Strauss, we get into the park early and hit as many mazes as possible before the lines become awful, preferably making the American Werewolf first and possibly going through that one twice.

    --No attractions (Transformers, J. Park, D. Me, the Mummy, etc.) that aren't Halloween themed till after the mazes, the tram (with the Fast&the F?),
    and possibly a show.

    --No front--of-the-line passes this night. They're expensive at Universal, and I'd prefer to be part of an elite, athletic. fast-walking/rolling unit, eager to experience as many mazes as possible as early in the evening as possible.

    --I'd like to do this the first weekend, but possibly the second weekend of HHNs, in mid to late September.

    --Only fun, nice, easy-to-get-along with people, please.
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    I don't believe American Werewolf is returning this year, at least not to Hollywood. I'm going the 27th of September.
    Women, they make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.


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      Originally posted by Professortango View Post
      . . . I'm going the 27th of September.
      That's the Sunday of the second weekend. Would you like your group to meet up with other Micechatters?


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        If others are going to be there, then by all means! I know Sundays are a pain for most (myself included), so I don't expect many takers. I only go Sunday because weekdays I wouldn't make it out there until 6:45 or 7 and that's too late to get in line and I perform Saturday nights.
        Women, they make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.


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          Thanks for the quick response!
          Sunday, Sept. 27
          Due to a lack of demand, this isn't turning into a big Micechat meet, but FYI our new plan is to arrive to Universal at about 4pm and eat at City Walk, possibly at Karl Strauss, because I like their beer and food.

          Please say, "Hey, JCruise" or "Tom" if you see a 5'8" guy wearing a black "Wizarding World of HP: Diagon Alley" T-shirt. I'll be accompanied by my friend who is bald and 6'3".
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