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MiceChat 10th Anniversary Gumball Rally - May 14, 2016

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  • MiceChat 10th Anniversary Gumball Rally - May 14, 2016

    The MiceChat 10th Anniversary Gumball Rally is rolling your way on May 14th, 2016

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    Who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day? Could it be you? Let's find out.

    There is only one event in the world of Disney fandom which holds the status of the legendary . . . MiceChat Gumball Rally. It is a full day adventure through Disneyland to see how many attractions you can ride in a single day. Sound easy? It isn’t. However, we are told over and over again that this was the most fun our attendees have ever had in the parks.

    This year's Gumball Rally is hosted by the ESPN Zone and the Anaheim Plaza Hotel and sponsored by Fairy Godmother Travel.
    • - Compete in teams of 2, 3, or 4 people.
    • - You don’t have to be a trivia buff, ride warrior, or theme park nerd to play. The game is designed to put everyone on a level playing field.
    • - You can play at the speed that you like. Take it easy or tear through the park. It’s up to you.
    • - For one low price you get the game and Awards Party, complete with entertainment and prizes. (however, admission into the parks is NOT included)
    • - Prizes will be awarded for 1st – 10th place, Best Team Logo, Best Team Name, and Spirit of MiceChat Award. There are plenty of chances to win!
    • - Plus, while you are waiting for the results, we'll present you with great entertainment and prizes!
    • - An all day race through Disneyland to see who can ride the most attractions in a single day . . . There is simply no better way to challenge yourself, what you think you know about Disneyland, and have a fantastic time with your family and friends (whether you win or not).
    • - General ticket includes coffee, juice, and breakfast pastries in the AM and access to the Award Party in the PM. Please note that the Awards Party will take about two hours. You'll have an hour and a half between the end of the Gumball Rally and the Awards Party to relax and find something to eat for dinner before the party.
    • - VIP TICKETS - In addition to the above, VIP ticket holders will receive early registration, full breakfast at the ESPN Zone, full post-Rally dinner at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel, VIP Reserved spots up front for both the kick-off and the Awards Party, Rally T-Shirt, and special commemorative Tenth Anniversary Gumball Rally pin. Make your Gumball Rally experience extra special with our VIP package!
    • Stay tuned for information on voting for the Best Team Name, Team Spirit and Best Team Logo contests!!! Come up with a great name, bring your team spirit and dress for the occasion for more chances to win!

    Teams! If you need assistance with team names, if you have questions, or need some guidance, please send an email to

    Add T-Shirts and Pins to your order!

    Don't miss out on these special edition MiceChat 10th Anniversary keepsakes!
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    Book a stay at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel
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    Just across the street from the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim Plaza offers a VERY special MiceChat Rate of $135 for MiceChat Gumball weekend.

    To book, please call 714-772-5900 and ask for the special MiceChat Rate.Those staying at the hotel Saturday will receive complementary parking, a great perk for your MiceChat Gumball Rally weekend! Booking your stay at the Anaheim Plaza helps support the MiceChat Gumball Rally, which allows us to offer the Rally at our lowest possible rate.

    Don't miss the Pre-Rally Pasta Party on Friday May 13th.
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    Power-up for the race of your life. Fuel your Rally efforts with a carb loading dinner the night before the Rally and be among the first to see the Gumball Rally Trophy. Pasta Party attendees get the added perk of being able to check in for the Rally a day early! Skip the Rally morning lines and sign up for the Pasta Party HERE: MiceChat Gumball Rally 2016 Pasta Party Sign-Up

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    The MiceChat Gumball Rally is sponsored by Fair Godmother Travel. Please contact for help booking a stay at the Disneyland Resort for the MiceChat Gumball Rally or any Disney vacation.

    In celebration of Gumball Rally 2016, we are embarking on a Baja cruise aboard the Disney Cruise Line the very next day!!! Join us on May 15 for a Gumball Rally recovery cruise!


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    Gumball Rally Event Rules:

    It's simple: PLAY FAIR, HAVE A GOOD TIME, AND DON'T DISRUPT THE ENJOYMENT OF THE PARK FOR OTHER GUESTS. We use an army of spotters and volunteers to make sure that everyone is playing fair and that no one is disrupting the enjoyment of the parks for the regular guests at the Resort. If you disrupt the normal functioning of the park by leaving attractions early, being overly loud in attractions, creating an unsafe environment for others, or disrupting cast members or guests, you will be disqualified from the event. You may NOT have anyone other than your own team members help you with the event. If we find that you are calling others for answers, sharing answers, or in any other way attempting to gain an unfair advantage, you will be disqualified. While it is always tempting to ask questions of cast members or call a friend, doing so will result in your disqualification from the event. These events are designed for everyone to have a great time, but it is important that we not have our good time at the expense of others. Please be respectful of Disney staff, guests, and park rules at all times!
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Q - Do I have to be a member of MiceChat to play? A - Not at all. MiceChat produces the event, but ANYONE can participate (under-age 16 must play with a parent or guardian).
    • Q - I don't have a team and would like to play on one, what do I do? A - Don't suffer in silence! Post on MiceChat that you are looking to join a team. OR contact your friends and drag them kicking and screaming to the Rally!
    • Q - How will the Rally be affected by rides that are closed or which close during the day? A - That is part of the fun of this event! Everyone will be in the same boat (so to speak). Which attractions you choose to ride at any given time of the day, may impact how you finish. Park hours, ride hours, parades and fireworks, sudden ride closures, queue waits, weather, and many other factors will challenge you and your team!
    • Q - If you don't complete every attraction in the Rally, can you still finish? A - Absolutely! Points will be awarded for each attraction completed. The team with the most points wins. It is highly likely that the winning team will simply have completed the most attractions (or collected the most points), and not actually completed all attractions (though completing all attractions may in fact be possible under perfect conditions).
    • Q - What if there is a tie? A- First we look for most points collected. In the event of a tie, the team which completed the most attractions to collect those points will win. If there is still a tie, the team which turned their packet in first will win. Points first, then number of attractions, followed by time.
    • Q - What if we finish late? A - That is part of the game. You must finish by the time allotted or you will receive a penalty equal to the number of minutes you are late x 2. For example being late by 2 minutes will result in a 4 point penalty. Being late by 15 minutes will result in a 30 point penalty.
    • Q - Can I bring my kids along? A - Each person 8 years or older must be a registered part of your team. Kids have turned out to be very good participants in the Rally and have sharp eyes for potential answers.
    • Q - How do you know if we completed an attraction? A - We have 3 very good ways of knowing. First, you are given a packet of questions (one or more questions per attraction). The questions are easy to answer if you've been on the attraction, but difficult to guess if you haven't. Second, we have a team of spotters who are watching the teams as they make their way through the parks. They are keeping track of what you ride and whether or not your team is following the rules of the game. Finally, we rely on you to be honest. There isn't any joy in winning a competition if you had to cheat to do so.
    • Q - What time do the events start and when and where can I pick up my packet? A - The Rally will start approximately two hours before Disneyland opens for the day. Early morning check-in is at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. Once you register, you will be contacted by our staff with more details regarding where the check in and start locations will be held.
    • Q - Why are you asking for contact details? A - We will need to contact the leader of each team prior to the event to let them know where the registration table will be located. Further, we may have additional information that we need you to be aware of, or we may need to contact you to notify your team about important last minute changes.
    • Q - What if it rains? A - The event will be held rain, shine, wind, or wonderful. As long as the parks remain open, we'll be playing. Due to tremendous expense in putting on this event, there are no refunds. The advantage to you if it rains is that the park is usually less crowded. Some folks actually hope for rain!
    • Q - What if a member of my team is unable to ride an attraction? A - All members of your team must go to the attraction as a group. Once all riding members have entered the queue, the member not riding must go straight to the exit to wait for the rest of the team. The non-riding member may not use this time to do anything else (no eating, using the restroom, shopping, gathering Fastpass) you may ONLY wait at the attraction. In other words, all members of the team must be AT the attraction at the same time even if some of the members are not riding it. In addition, if the riding members of the team use Fastpass to enter the attraction, the non-riding members of your team must have a Fastpass ticket as well (even if they aren't riding). Spotters may ask the waiting members of your team for proof that they are holding a Fastpass ticket (if other members of your team entered the attraction with a pass).
    • Q - What if I can't compete but have already purchased a ticket? A - Event tickets are non-refundable. However, you may be able to sell your ticket to someone else who would like to compete. Simply let us know who you sold the ticket to and give us their contact information. These events tend to sell out, so someone always seems to be looking for a ticket at the last minute. We are also keeping a waiting list, so please let us know if you are having trouble selling your tickets and we'll try to help you.
    • Q - Can we use Fastpass on the Gumball Rally? What about Child Swap and other passes? A - Aside from waiting in the general standby queue, only a valid Fastpass or Single Rider is allowed. teams must stay together and everyone in the party must have a ticket. HOWEVER, child swap, AAA, Culb 33 Fastpasses, Special Birthday Fastpasses, any form of special assistance, or priority passes may NOT be used this year. If you are using Single Rider, all members of your team must ride and you must wait at the exit of the attraction for all of the members of your team to regroup before moving on to your next attraction.
    • Q - Can the team split up during the Rally? A - NO. This is a very important rule. Your whole team must stay together at all times. If one member of the team uses the restroom, all members of the team must wait at the exit. If one member is hungry, all must go to the restaurant together. You must not be more than 15 feet away from each other at any time (with the exception of restroom breaks and a member waiting at the exit of an attraction).
    • Q - Can I have someone bring us food or water to help save time? A - Under no circumstance may anyone help you during the day. Teams consist of 2 to 4 members. If anyone outside of your immediate team assists you in any way (Answers, wait time information, food, water, Fastpasses, etc) you will be disqualified. Please DO NOT seek the help of those outside of your team.
    • Q - Can we use our cell phones, cell phone apps, iPads, lap tops, etc. to help us with the event? A - Under no circumstance may you seek assistance from any source other than your immediate teammates. Apps, websites, phone calls, or any other device or service which would give you an unfair advantage over another team is not permitted. As a result, phones are no longer allowed to be used during the Gumball Rally. If you are seen using a phone or other electronic device, we will disqualify your team. If you need to make a call, please find a MiceChat staff member and make your call in their presence so there is no question about the fairness of the competition. We will provide you a list of locations where you can easily find MiceChat staff. Please DO NOT seek the help and advice of those not on your team.
    • Q - How do I know if my registration has been accepted to the event A- If you registered through PayPal, you will receive an email confirmation from PayPal - and an email from the MiceChat Eventzilla Store. About two weeks before the event, all team captains will receive an email asking them to confirm their team name and information regarding each member of the team. We will also post the same information to this thread. If you had difficulty during registration and are unsure if your order went through, please contact Dustysage - or
    • Q - I use a wheel chair and/or have a special assistance pass, can I compete? A - You can certainly participate, however, due to the fact that special assistance passes are an unfair competitive advantage to the other players, you must use the regular queue whenever possible. You may split up from your team to access an attraction from the special assistance entrance; HOWEVER, the rest of your team must use the regular line and you must all wait for each other at the exit before proceeding to the next attraction. You may sit out on attractions which you can not ride; However, at least one member of your team MUST be able to ride the attraction and wait in the regular queue. That ensures that your team always waits the same length of time as any other team in the competition.
    The small, but important print: For your safety and the safety of others, please follow all rules of the park you are in and obey the instructions of cast members at all times. No running, aggressive behavior, pushing, or in any way disrupting the enjoyment of regular park guests will be allowed. Those found cheating or breaking the rules of the event or of the park will have points deducted or will be asked to leave the events. Tickets are non-refundable. Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older). Gumball Rally event tickets do not include theme park admission. Participation is at your own risk. A full day at Disneyland can be a very long time in potentially hot and humid conditions. You MUST take care of yourself. Try to keep cool, drink lots of water, and make sure that the members of your team are safe and healthy at all times. It isn't any fun to get heat stroke or worse! Again, YOU PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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    So excited for Rally!!! I have a question re pasta party.. Do all members of team need to be present in order to get early registration?


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      Originally posted by rallyhappy View Post
      So excited for Rally!!! I have a question re pasta party.. Do all members of team need to be present in order to get early registration?
      We are excited too. This is going to be an AMAZING rally.

      Regarding your Pasta Party question, we are happy to pre-register you regardless of how many of your team members can attend the Pasta Party. :-)
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        Thanks so much!! One more question.. Can we register now and submit our team name later?


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          Originally posted by rallyhappy View Post
          Thanks so much!! One more question.. Can we register now and submit our team name later?
          Absolutely! We will need your team name by the end of April. This is when we will be sending the materials to print for the Rally.
          Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
          I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

          May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

          NO GOATS!


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            Great , thanks so much.. And thanks to all for this super fun event! We look forward to it every year!


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              Just out of curiosity... do you ever hold these on a non AP blocked day? seems the last one I wanted to attend was also a summer Saturday. Thanks!
              I wish I had a cool signature to insert here, but I don't.


              • Dustysage
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                The Rally is always on a Saturday and therefore is blocked out for at least some APs. Far fewer people would be able to play on a work day or be able to stay the full 16 hours on a Sunday. As a result, we are stuck with Saturdays as the best option.

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              So, is there a major advantage to doing the Pasta Party? My sister and I are competing and we're coming from WA. We've never participated before and were wondering if the lines in the morning to register are really busy? Also, if we go to the pasta party, what time would we need to get to the ESPN Zone for check in? Thanks!

              Oh and another question...what time is check-in in the morning? And will we be able to get in line to get into Disneyland before 8am when the park opens? Are we all released at the same time from the ESPN Zone?
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              • Dustysage
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                Aside from having a fun evening and making new friends, the Pasta Party is an opportunity to check-in for the Rally a day early. That means that you won't need to check-in at all on the morning of the Rally. You'll already have your wrist-bands and lanyards, so you can come later, skip the line and walk right into the Rally in the morning by flashing your wrist bands.

                We haven't released info about check-in on Rally morning. But, generally, check-in starts around 7am (or earlier), instructions are generally given out at 8:30 and all the teams released at the same time from the ESPN Zone (or where ever we designate the start location).


                Come to the party, I think you'll be glad you did.

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              HiHi... Where do I register our team name and add a team member?


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              We're already registered, but I'm just curious how the numbers are looking. It's our first time, so we were hoping to see some more discussion to get some tips, etc from people who have played before, but this thread has been really quiet.

              So people who have played before.... what should we know before tackling out first Gumball Rally???


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                Hi, I have a quick question...when we change our team name, who do we contact? Also, we'll probably change it as late as the last day of April, is that too late? We just can't think of a good team name!

                Thank you!!


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                Originally posted by rsinnott View Post
                We're already registered, but I'm just curious how the numbers are looking. It's our first time, so we were hoping to see some more discussion to get some tips, etc from people who have played before, but this thread has been really quiet.

                So people who have played before.... what should we know before tackling out first Gumball Rally???
                Woo hoo!!!! Gumball Rally is sooo much fun!!!!
                Here's a couple of tips:

                Be sure to wear new shoes - do not break them in, this is VERY IMPORTANT.
                Power up on bean burritos for breakfast, you'll need the protein
                Don't use Fastpass - it's a trap.
                Be prepared to have an awesome day!

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                  Has the 'more information' email been sent out yet? I am getting excited!!!!!



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                    That's all the discussion so far? Looks like we will win this time. LOL!


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                      HiHi.. just wanted to make sure our team of three is confirmed... I sent confirmation after receiving team captain info email, but have been having computer issues.. Sent mamabot an email, so praying we're set!