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MiceChat 10th Anniversary Gumball Rally - May 14, 2016


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    I've been totally occupied with a bunch of other things. But those things are done and now I'm focusing all my attention on the Gumball Rally I kind of glanced in here to see what type of discussions were going on but saw this and figured I might as well chime in...

    Originally posted by rsinnott View Post
    So people who have played before.... what should we know before tackling out first Gumball Rally???
    I wrote this little tip list a few years ago. It's still relevant today so I hope you find this helpful!

    1) WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! I cannot stress this enough! We're going to be WALKING around the park for 12 hours (well I guess it's 11 hours this year) and your feet will hurt! I remember in my first Gumball Rally, my feet started hurting after 3 hours in. It felt like I was walking on needles for the rest of the Rally D:

    2) BE FLEXIBLE WITH YOUR PLAN! Delays and break downs will happen throughout the day. Be flexible with your ride plan!

    3) STAY HYDRATED! Again, lots of WALKING around in the Park and you're bound to lose a lot of liquid from your body. We're all here to have fun and have a great time, and the last thing we want to hear is somebody falling ill during the Rally.

    4) BRING SNACKS! If you're going for the win, you definitely don't want to waste time waiting in line for food

    5) BRING A WATCH! Remember, most electronics are not allowed! You definitely want to keep track of your time somehow!

    6) HAVE FUN! Even though this is a competition, remember to have fun! You're at the Disneyland Resort, silly!

    See you all real soon!

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      Are electronic admission tickets are your phone allowed to be used?


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        Originally posted by neonsdf View Post
        Are electronic admission tickets are your phone allowed to be used?
        In my opinion, that may not be a good idea since cell phone use is not allowed. It's best not to risk it!
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          Good luck to everybody competing in the Rally today! I'm so bummed that I'm not able to go this year, as last year was so much fun! Have a great time everybody.


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            OMG the answer was 72.


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              My sister and I participated in Saturday. We didn't do anything wrong but would we have known if we got disqualified? Like would someone have approached and told us at that moment if we broke the rules?


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