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    Originally posted by jracina316 View Post
    I have wanted to do the Gumball Rally for years...and this year, finally convinced someone who loves Disneyland almost as much as I do to come with me and win this sucker...Our team name is Baloo's Clues and the race veterans better move their walkers and get outta the way because we're coming It'll be a great day. Can't wait to meet other Disney fans and fellow Gumball Rally Racers.
    LOL a bit of trash talk... I like that Sure will be embarrasing when this old geezer wins it all this year lol just kidding. Welcome to the Gumball Rally! It was the same for me when I first started. Heard about the Gumball Rally for years until I FINALLY was able to put a team together. We've been addicted ever since!
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      Originally posted by Katie1228 View Post
      This will be my 5th Rally, but I'm with two newbies this Husband Cory and our daughter Kennedy! So excited to have them join me, although I usually compete with my sister Kim, her daughter Kylee, and my son Caleb (go Team E.V.I.L.!).

      Our team name is dedicated to my favorite ride (Big Thunder) and a little bit of everyone's favorite song to describe our seemingly bad luck with the new ride scene at the end. All the anticipation and excitement for that new explosive scene, and we finally get the chance to ride it for the first time after re-opening......and what??? It didn't work! We ride it didn't work again!. OMG!! Why? And on my favorite ride!?!?

      Anyway, this seems to be the norm for me now. I've only been able to see that new scene fully functional a handful of times - and it is GREAT! But you makes me remember the old scene with the earthquake, the shaky boulders, and the shadows of supposedly falling rocks......and it made me realize that I never really minded that or wished that it was different while it was there. Yes, it was a little outdated....a little corny....but it worked. So without further ado, our team name is:

      Let it GOAT......the boulders never bothered us anyway

      Come know you just sang that! And a shout out to "All the Single Riders".....I couldn't help myself and I totally sang your whole song. LOL
      Good Luck to all the Gumball Rally teams out there! Can't wait to see you all next weekend!


      I love the pun! Great name!
      Oh... I just love happy endings.


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        Originally posted by belleartiste View Post
        Hi, all! We are so excited to be coming back for another Rally! We decided on a princess theme this year, so our team name is the Dinglehoppers! For our logo, we carefully designed each letter to represent a different Disney princess. On Rally day, you can look for us wearing our tutus and over-the-top Disney princess leggings. If you spot us, come over and say hi!
        Your logo is so cute, I just love it!
        Oh... I just love happy endings.


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          Posting for BriarRose13

          (Now that I was able to work some Gumball magic on the images, I am able to post them.)

          Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
          I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

          May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

          NO GOATS!


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            Originally posted by mamabot View Post
            Posting for BriarRose13

            (Now that I was able to work some Gumball magic on the images, I am able to post them.)

            Thank you so much mamabot!!!
            Go team "Tourists, Why Did It Have To Be Tourists!?!"
            Oh... I just love happy endings.


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              Update from All the Single Riders: we are now a team of two, but definitely three in spirit! Sadly our fearless team leader and tutu maker has fallen ill and will not be able to compete. But we think a gumball trophy is just what the doctor ordered.

              all the single riders, all the single riders....
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                Well it looks like we missed the cutoff date but wanted to share anyway! We are a team of two called Mickey's Marauders...Up to no good! Super excited for our first rally tomorrow. We've watched from the sidelines for years now but the stars aligned this year and we were both in the same country to participate! Did I mention how excited we are?!?!


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                  Originally posted by rallyhappy View Post
                  This is our 5th rally year and going to be our best yet! This year we are going from a mother-daughter team of 2 to a team of 3. My son-in-law will be joining in the fun, tutu and all. My daughter thought it would be best to introduce our new team via song....

                  All the single riders (All the single riders)

                  All the single riders (All the single riders)

                  All the single riders (All the single riders)

                  All the single riders

                  Put your hands up!

                  Get to the park, it’s still dark

                  We’re doing that rally thing

                  Mom and me, my husband makes three

                  We got one more this year

                  Tutus on us, tutu on him

                  He don’t mind the attention

                  He wanted to play, for his birthday

                  He’s all the luck we need

                  Cause if you liked it then you should have put some ears on it

                  If you liked it then you should've put some ears on it

                  Don't be mad once you see that we won it

                  If you liked it then you should've put some ears on it

                  Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh

                  Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh...
                  CONGRATS on your team name win! I LOVED your team name an look!


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