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It Doesn't Matterhorn's 2016 Gumball Rally Trip Report

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    You're welcome, Dad! Also - thanks to my mom, who took a pictures of one of the My Neighbor Vader members at the NO train Station:

    When the engineers saw us all reading the sign about the whistles, he offered to let us try it out! Tons of fun... but we all only stopped long enough for one person to blow the whistle. No time to all take a turn - there was a Rally to be run!

    However, Team It Doesn't Matterhorn did take a little extra time in one location... we decided to take a picture with the Big Cheese, even though the packet specifically said we weren't required to! It is Mickey Mouse, after all. And I don't see him in his Steamboat Willie outfit that often, so it was a good choice.

    (I forgot to include this picture up with the rest of the Toon Town ones. Oops!)
    proud member of Rally team It Doesn't Matterhorn, winners of the 2012 Team Spirit award