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Trip Report - Gumball Rally from Team It Doesn't Matterhorn


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  • Trip Report - Gumball Rally from Team It Doesn't Matterhorn

    Gumball Rally 2017 was another one for the record books! This time, as far as I know, was the most impacted by wet weather of any of our Rallies to date, and (again, AFAIK) the only one where a celebrity spotting nearly derailed some of the participants (both teams and spotters).

    We started the Rally with an early packet pick-up at the Anaheim hotel. Though Team It Doesn’t Matterhorn didn’t stay for dinner, we made sure to stop by to say hello and get registered! Having a Pizza Party this year instead of a Pasta Party sounded like fun, but we had made plans to celebrate at Steakhouse 55 instead.

    The Rally this year was held on Dave and my 4th wedding anniversary, so we opted for an early celebration dinner. Better to have our anniversary dinner the day before so that we could make it to the Awards Party after the Rally! My parents joined us at Steakhouse 55, exactly 4 years after we held our Rehearsal Dinner there. It was a very good meal, but a TON of food. Good thing we run the Rally the way we do – we were still too full the next morning to be contenders for the trophy!

    In the morning, we made our way over the Anaheim hotel for the pre-party. It was interesting getting used to the different set-up (since we've always been at the ESPN Zone before this) but we enjoyed having all the teams in one room instead of being split up among two rooms. We realized as we were arriving at the party, however, that we'd left our park passes in our hotel room safe... all the way across the esplanade. So, after a brief mingling sessions (and checking with Captain Dusty), Larry and Dave hoofed it back to our hotel to get our park tickets. Kathy and I stayed at the Anaheim hotel – both to save her feet (and my asthma) and to listen to the rules. We met back up in the esplanade where the teams were assembling, but our guys had stopped to get coffee (with a touch of Disney Starbucks magic):

    proud member of Rally team It Doesn't Matterhorn, winners of the 2012 Team Spirit award

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    (This is a duplicate. Sorry The whole report can be found starting here: )
    proud member of Rally team It Doesn't Matterhorn, winners of the 2012 Team Spirit award


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