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2019 Gumball Rally Team Name and Logo Contest


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  • 2019 Gumball Rally Team Name and Logo Contest

    The 2019 MiceChat Gumball Rally is rolling your way on Saturday, February 9th. But the competition is already heating up. Aside from rally placement, we will give away three unique awards at the Gumball Rally, one for Best Team Name, one for Best Team Logo, and a Team Spirit Award.

    We invite teams who would like to be in consideration for the Logo and Name contests to post their names and/or logos here and make their best case for why they should win. They can lobby all they want, but the final voting will be done by the 100+ Rally volunteers on game day. They'll get a complete list of all candidates who entered in this thread and then turn in their votes for Best Team Name, Best Team Logo and Team Spirit Award at the end of their shift.

    So, let's see what you've got folks. Show us your creativity!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All Entries MUST be received by 7 pm on Wednesday, February 6th.

    If you are looking for the 2019 Gumball Rally logo, it is attached for your creative use.

    Click image for larger version

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    - Dusty and the Gumball Rally Crew
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    Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
    I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

    May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.


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    This is our second year participating in the rally! Since it is just my husband and I we decided to pick a name that shows how we have stayed together for over 20 years!! Our team name this year is “Faith, Trust and a little bit of Churro Dust!!!”
    We can’t wait to see you all at the happiest place on earth!!


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      This will be our 3rd year of competition and we are looking forward to it. Are you afraid of ghosts? are you afraid of the dark? This is the 13th Gumball rally, are you afraid of the number thirteen? We are not, maybe you will be afraid of us? This is what went to make for the name Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	TRISKA.jpg Views:	0 Size:	109.8 KB ID:	8578289

      We will see you in the park, dont forget your death certificate.

      When you see thirteen ahead of ya
      It's Trik-aid-eka-phobia
      When the Manison clock strikes thirteen
      You will see just what I mean
      Join us for the MiceChat Gumball scene
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        Hello all!
        We are team Theo Later. A team of 2, mother and daughter, competing for the second time. We now know what we’re in for so we’ll Theo Later (see you later) at the finish line.


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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	8578297 waiting to play with ghoulish delight.


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            The Grimm Riding Ghosts are upto the challenge. We have some new and some old in our team. Get ready to be spooked out of our way!


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              Team TinkerBelles is back this year as the Grim Grinning Ghouls (Girls :-) We're very excited to play for the 2nd time this year. We had so much fun last year and expect to repeat the experience and improve our game!! See you soon, from the other side....


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                  We were once Happy Hosts hanging at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, serving guests
                  with glitz and glamour. Then something strange started. Strange and wonderful.

                  Suddenly we seemed trapped in time, with only the elevators going up and down
                  to enliven eternity. But no one got anywhere.

                  We loved it.

                  But then we got evicted. Some kleptocrat with a kooky collection took over our hotel
                  and we were quickly kicked to the curb. Now, we're just the ghosts of closed-ride hosts,
                  hoping to hitch a ride to the happiest haunt of them all.

                  Will this be the day we finally arrive at the Haunted Mansion?

                  I'm pleased to present: The Hitchhiking Hosts
                  We're a murky mashup of the Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion.
                  Why settle for one scare, when you can take two?

                  Two gumball veterans and two newbies. Altogether too much!

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	gumball2019-logo-v2-02.png Views:	0 Size:	212.4 KB ID:	8578342


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                    I am a 2nd time Rally participant and my partner is participating for her 1st time! We are a Disney-loving couple who work well together. Harmonious has three definitions:
                    1. free from disagreement or dissent,
                    2. forming a pleasing or consistent whole, and
                    3. tuneful; not discordant.
                    That’s why we decided on the name Harmonious Haunts, since we get along well together and make a well-matched, formidable team. Plus, as we know, the Mansion residents are "Creepy creeps with eerie eyes, Start to shriek and harmonize." So we will be coming out to socialize, but mostly we will be bringing our A-game to work "harmoniously" to win the competition!!

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                      Our team wasn't sure about doing shirts or logos since we're all brand newbies to the rally, but the submissions here are so creative and fun we decided to join in and make one of our own!

                      We were thinking of names and realized our favorite thing to do is stop by every season exclusively to try all the new churros in one trip (whether our stomachs rupture or not). Since it's something we all do together for fun, the name was easy and we came up with our design as a shout-out to Sleeping Beauty for its 60th anniversary!

                      Overall, preparing for this has absolutely been a blast and everyone on this community are such lovely people. We're incredible excited for the rally next Saturday! Thanks everyone!

                      Click image for larger version

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                        This year will be our team's first Gumball Rally. We're the Small World 10 Dolls. You see, our last name is "Tindall," which is pronounced "10 Doll". Thus the Small World 10 Dolls, which matching logo.

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                          First time gumball ralliers here looking for a day of ghoulish delight. We are scary good competitors and will leave the other contestants from dust to dust!


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                            So I was walking home from the store the other night, listening to my Marvin Gaye playlist (as I often do), and I was inspired.

                            My mom and I will be playing as “Ain’t No Space Mountain High Enough”, but really, there isn’t any mountain high enough to keep us from competing this year! Can’t Wait!


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                              Ladies and Gentlemen,

                              We are coming to bury the hatchet........................................... .................................................. ..


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                                This will be our 3rd annual gumball rally. The prior 2 events were filled with green walls. This year will be no different from what I hear. So we decided it was only fitting to be "The Green Wall Ghosts." When you are walking by the green walls beware, we may be lurking just on the other side to scare you.


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                                  This is our 5th (6th?) year competing! Our first year we were the Lost Girls because we were so lost on how this whole thing was going to happen!

                                  That year we met our princesses at the (then new) PFF M&G and we were so excited to be lucky enough to find BOTH of our princesses there at the same time!
                                  We have since been known as OMG It's our princesses! With a fun spin every year to accommodate the theme!

                                  This year our foolish mortal selves will be back and ready to take first place as OMG Its our princesses as they appear in their corruptible mortal state!

                                  We look forward to see all you Happy Haunts on the 9th!
                                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Ears Logo.PNG
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                                    Oh Haunted Mansion you say. Well to really represent us in our team name - we looked no further than my favorite of the Sinister 11 and hallway changing portraits, Medusa.
                                    The portrait starts off as that of a beautiful red-haired Ancient Greek woman inside a temple(Amanda). With a flash of lightning, she turns into a decayed, stony, terrifying gorgon, a hybrid monster with hair made of serpents (or a dreaded Sheila). Our team name:

                                    BEAUTY AND THE CURSED

                                    Medusa because of her beauty was cursed with snake hair. Amanda because of her beauty is now cursed with her dread hair fiancee.
                                    Yes you read that right we are fiancees! We met at DCA in November 10, 2015 and were engaged in DCA November 15, 2018. Just like Disney, Gumball Rally has been a big part of our relationship. Our first year a friend of ours stated we could measure how good our relationship would be based on where we placed. We laughed and said we were only doing it for fun. However, we did place 2nd that year. The next year after a motorcycle accident I was unable to walk for the rally and also was in too much pain to stay for the full event. Last year I was too stubborn to use a wheelchair and lasted until my legs hurt too badly. This year, I am hoping I am strong enough to last all day. But no matter what happens, we keep the same motto when competing "We are doing this for fun." Gumball Rally is a magical event every year, and every year we meet some new people. I can't wait to meet some more of the wonderful Gumball Rally participants and chat it up in lines as we all seek the Haunted Mansion Gumball award of placing 1st.
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                                      I'm competing for the second time, but this time with my husband.
                                      We are I Survived Constance Hatchaway.​​​


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                                        We are competing for the first time, but we are possessed with winning. In fact, our haunting one-word mantra is “Mine” (tell me you’ll ever forget it)! So, if you look far a-head or see us out of the corner of your eye, don’t be frightened: it’s only us ghosting toward our rightful place in the winners circle.


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