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2022 Gumball Rally was the best ever!


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  • 2022 Gumball Rally was the best ever!

    My daughter and I have participated in the rally's since 2006, and they are always fun! But Dusty Sage and his staff have outdone themselves this year! We go for the VIP package which included a yummy breakfast and dinner. While our packets were being scored we had the very fun version of Family Feud by Monorail Man, who surveyed 100 people in the Disneyland park for our amazing questions for the game! My only complaint was that it ended too soon--our opposing teams were having so much fun and were very enthusiastic!! The Micechat event on the night before was also amazing with an interesting history of the Jungle Cruise ride and some hilarious standup comedy from former skippers. Thanks again to Dusty and his staff for a very entertaining weekend--love you all so much!

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    I'm glad you loved it; I might have to do it one of these days!
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      I don't see it on the main page, but searching gumball rally will give you the results for this year
      We were sad that we did not make it in the top ten, but it was good to see that the race was so close and that 12th place was only 1 point behind the winners : )
      So much fun! Beware the Twoozle is definitely coming back next year. Thank you to everyone who played a part in putting on the event!


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