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Anniversary Meet Memories


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  • Anniversary Meet Memories

    There are some things in MiceChat, as in my life, that I have done that I am not so proud of. But I am proud of the fact that I have been a contributor to and part of this family for almost three years now. You may not know it, but you have helped me more than you could know during one of the harder times in my very blessed life.

    And I do point out with pride that on the 27th I will joyously attend my third Anniversary meet in a row.

    In a short way of saying thanks, and telling friends old and new that I look so much forward to seeing them and meeting others on Sunday the 27th...a few pictures and memories.

    January was my very first MC meet, and a somewha emotional return to my beloved DL after about a dozen year absence...and the first MC'ers to greet me were Tim, Diane and the Wolfette. Such super people.

    And for the first time I met two men who have inspired me in many ways...DustySage and Fishbulb...

    Two of the most loving and supportive people I've ever known.

    And since the Texas Rose Bowl win over USC was still fresh, I probably bent the ear of this lady, the biggest SC fan I knew on the site at the time...

    Cindy "Morrigoon" and I confess this picture was from the 2nd anniversary a year ago, as she made a dramatic late entrance to a meet we had on the train.

    Last year's event was also very special, with many more great people.

    This time, Princess Buttercup was the first MC'er I encountered, and can there be any better way to start the day?

    Bedazzled by her loveliness and charm, swept off my feet I was ... and I know that my Kathleen and her Westley understand. I hope.

    And I think it was Rixter who offered to help me up, but I handed him my camera instead.

    I do love me some Fishbulb...

    For the record, this is one of my all-time favorite pictures involving me, ever.

    And I do love me some purpledove...

    Hope you can make it on the 27th, my friend. You always make my day.

    In the evening we all got together to ride POTC...leading to one of my personal funniest/most embarrassing moments in 46 years of going to/working at the park.

    Through some twisted fate at Laffite's Landing (and my own lack of observation) they loaded boats with MC'ers full and I was still left on the landing. They got me my very own boat to ride in. So, camera in hand, I'm thinking, MiceChatters in front that would totally understand, no one that I could see behind me...are you getting my drift...

    And just when I'm feeling good about things....the voice...


    Dead flashes tell no tales.

    The highlight of the night for me was when we got on Haunted Mansion and started the CM's spiel verbatim.

    In any event, if you've never been to a meet, please come to this one. If you've been to most every meet, please come to this one. More memories, to be sure, in the making.

    And when it comes big group picture time, the tall ones always go to the back...the view from the rear...

    (As Fishy woild say) THE END. THE END. and THE ENDS.

    Thank you.

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

    I have no pictures from the first b-day But I have oodles from the second last year.

    Friday night. A few out of towners.
    Mamabot and Ijenn, tinkerbelle (NorCal), twinmom's profile (WA), her sister poking her head from behind (Australia), xHarryb (FL), D-kat (N.C.) and disneytim (Vegas).

    The Clinks:

    D-tim, Villains Fan and D-kat walking back from Lost Bar to the HoJo around 2am.

    A shot of the insanely huge but fun meet:

    My view of "The Photo to End All Photos" (until this years photo )

    MissChristine giving Fishbulb a head massage at Fantasia Gardens.

    And finally, the tour given to us by some fabulous hostess (gosh, what WAS her name? ) at the Opera House.

    That was last year.


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      Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

      oh great pictures radio berry. this meet is going to be huge.


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        Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

        Originally posted by Olympicnut View Post
        I have no pictures from the first b-day But I have oodles from the second last year.

        That was last year.
        Some great shots O-nut! I wonder how much more insanely huge it will be this year. And the group tour and seating for the 50 years movie, led by that indeed "fabulous hostess" was wonderful!

        Originally posted by rex22 View Post
        oh great pictures radio berry. this meet is going to be huge.
        And it will be great to have you as a part of this one, Rex.

        God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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          Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

          Wow. I really feel bad for missing out on this. In my dad's opinion, there's no reason to spent a couple hundred dollars on a hotel room just for a bunch of strangers, yet it's good enough for him if they release a piece of porcelain. And February will be my last trip to Disneyland for a looooooooong time, at least a year or two. Hopefully the 4th anniversary will be the best, since that's going to be the only one I can possibly go to in the future. I hope you all have a fun time at the 3rd anniversary.


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            Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

            And finally, the tour given to us by some fabulous hostess (gosh, what WAS her name? ) at the Opera House.

            One people in the background.
            Screen name is Aerinpegadrack I think
            Br---- ask I can tell you but can not spell it.
            AKfandisney Have a Magic Disney day šoš 2010

            Toy Story Mania construction:
            Older photo
            New Photo

            Member of
            MiceChat WDW Trip
            Next trip
            2014 Dec, 31


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              Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

              Here we go. The train ride from the first anniversary.

              Your there Barry and Fishy and a lot of others.

              We will need to fill a whole train this time.
              Originally posted by lazyboy97O
              How is a state religion bad, but state medicine good?
              Originally posted by steamboatpete
              Anyone who makes the decision to depend upon the government to take care of their basic needs has essentially doomed himself to a life of bitter disappointment.


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                Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

                I'm going to stop by the MEga meet a little late Barry. I'll make sure I give you a call. Thanks for posting the great pictures.


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                  Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

                  great pics you guys!

                  Orlando doing good

                  Princess of Randomness


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                    Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

                    :lol: I scratched Norm's head for a good hour! *sigh* Great memories from '06 and '07!

                    ^clicky clicky^


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                      Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

                      Double Post
                      Last edited by sir clinksalot; 01-16-2008, 08:07 PM.


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                        Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

                        From the first anniversary:

                        Okay, so this is the only one (we didn't know anybody at the time)

                        2 Year Anniversary


                        Dinner with the Dustyfishbulbs



                        Kylicious, Dmom, Mamabot and IJizz

                        Mickeymaxx and Rixter (and Mary Read in the background)

                        Dusty (and what is O-nut doing?)

                        Villains Fan and Rixter

                        Rixter and my Belle

                        The Fearsome Fivesom - Sir Clinksalot, Belle, Rixter, Mickeymaxx and Villains Fan

                        The Boys

                        Darkbeer and Fishbulb at the Hearthstone


                        we met at the Picnic Area

                        DisneyTim, PirateMukee and Fishbulb

                        Waiting for the train

                        A couple of cutey's

                        On the train

                        The Noon meet

                        Darkbeer and Deogge's Mom

                        Getting ready for the picture in front of the wall ... er Castle


                        And last but not least ... here is my video from last years anniversary weekend


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                          Re: Anniversary Meet Memories

                          Gregg, Clinkerkid#1 is SO little!! They're both little! Wow. It's amazing what time does to kids. :gladsad:

                          ^clicky clicky^


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