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    I wondered if anyone else has had a problem with employees at the DLR as of late since I have had a few?

    Just wondering what you all think!

    Case 1: I just went recently on storybookland before its refurb. and I shared a boat with some foriegn tourists from England.

    Their excitement was so catching.

    Unforunately, the host of our boat was not so excited. Someone is unhappy with their job.

    I am more of an understanding kind of gal when it comes to these and while dissapointed someitmes with workers' lack of enthusium, I can easily move past it. Not all love disney.

    However, our hostess was just completely rude on top of her low attitude.

    One of the tourists asked if the boats ever tipped over and she replied in arude tone, No. This would have been ok had she not replied "No" again in a louder irrated tone when a tourist asked their companion whether or not workers could actually say so.

    I remember everyone in the boat just looking at each other in amazement to how openly rude she was.

    However we didn't let it get to us.

    At the end of the ride, the passengers and I were talking about falling in the water from the boat and the dock. Joking, that maybe if a worker wanted a break the could "accidently" fall in the little river. Upon Hearing us, the host loudly exclaimed that no one had ever accidently fallen into the water.

    I wonder if I am being too sensitive, but I feel she was almost mean...

    Case 2: I don't remember how, but after splash mountain the bottom of my pants and my feet (which were in flip flops) became entirely muddy.

    Despite being dirty as a reason alone to go wash my feet, I was slipping around. So I stopped at Hungry bear to clean up in the ladies powder room.

    I tried keeping one foot on the ground while lifting the other foot to the sink, but I kept sliiping.

    To make things easier, I hoisted myself onto the counter so i couyld seat as I washed my feet and shoes.

    I was fianlly almost finished when one of the cleaning ladies in white came in.

    I smiled hello with an embarrassed blush that i was basically taking a bath in public restroom whne she yelled at me to get down.

    Since I was finshed I didn't mind, hopping off the counter and thinking she doesn't want me to hurt myself.

    That wasn't the only reason as she spoke to me one finally time as I threw away the paper towels I used to dry off.

    "Could you not do that. They don't give me anyhting to clean the counters with. So when you sit on them and dirty them, it really sucks for me."

    I just nodded my head and left. Upset.

    You know, I have had people practically thrown half eaten candies at me when i worked at sees, but I never asked them to keep their spit kindly away from me.

    I have had customers treat me like I am the dumbiest thing they have ever met and I keep smiling, in hopes they will go away, since I will never have to see them again.

    I don't understand why these two workers would be so rude.

    Maybe I am too sensitive...

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