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  • Moved Post: Glee Comments/Trip Report

    i wasn't expecting much either. This show was freaking hilarious. It's smart, it's sexy, quick and witty, well acted and well cast. Did I mention it's got great production values. Jane Lynch is a terrific actress. I knew her formerly from her movie roles and her work on Arrested Development (also a genius show). Anyways she nearly made me pee my pants... to be honest... i'm pretty sure i did a little. In response to finding two of her students using the teacher's room copy machine to make flyers for a school production, she is so aghast she reports to the principle and says "I recommend these children be permantly hobbled" in TOTAL seriousness... and she pulls it off. It's incredibly funny, a must watch! But why the are we talking about this on micechat again? ...ahem

    since i don't know where to actually post these things it seems nows as good a time as any for a trip report. now bear in mind these were taken before the halloween layover... and i was just learning how to take pictures but here goes.

    I headed straight to DCA and the animation building... which is really the only part I really like. However, my indoor pics... not so much. So this is the only one ya get. The Sorcerer's Workshop

    Then it was on to Disneyland to visit my namesake. But first a stop at the Hub to visit one of her friends.

    They need to add an "M" to that sign in my opinion

    It's her! I think I'm twitterpated.

    I'm not sure exactly what snarky means... but He's being snarky

    Bye guys

    Can't visit Disneyland without a trip to New Orleans Square.

    Another great place in the park

    They were doing some work on the Columbia at the time

    And the fantasmic boats

    Then it's time for Disneyland after Dark in Tomorrowland

    The Tommorowland Terrace Stage

    Wave goodbye kids!

    Awful blurry picture, but i loved what these fireworks did.

    Nighttime at Pixie Hollow... quite nice really

    as opposed to during the day which is somewhat less magical

    anyways later there was some ridiculous reason to throw confetti and then the requisite cleaning up

    after Disney get desperate enough to douse the park in confetti i usually decide it's best to leave... so i did.
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    Re: Moved Post: Glee Comments/Trip Report

    LOL! I LOVE Glee too! I was in a sing and dance group in high school and there were even a few jocks in it! The whole thing was a TON of fun! I'm not sure about the politics from the teacher's point of view, but as a student, I had lots of fun. Glee TOTALLY reminds me of the "good ol days".


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      Re: Moved Post: Glee Comments/Trip Report

      For a sock puppet that is not a bad trip report.
      Originally posted by SummerInFL
      Jesus, even I wouldn't eat that.

      Originally posted by Wanda Woman
      Turtle, the dorks are going to take upskirt robot pics.


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        Re: Moved Post: Glee Comments/Trip Report

        Why is this in the litter box? Seems like a normal trip report to me... am I missing something here?


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          Re: Moved Post: Glee Comments/Trip Report

          Originally posted by vfire View Post
          Why is this in the litter box? Seems like a normal trip report to me... am I missing something here?
          It's listed that the member is a sock puppet.


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