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Mickey Suicides By Cop


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  • Mickey Suicides By Cop

    "An otherwise 'loving family pet' was shot dead by police after the tabby cat went berserk and terrorized a city family late last week... Ears flat back, hair standing on end and eyes bulging, Mickey lunged across the dining room and attacked her daughter, biting through her jeans and slicing into her leg. When the cat released its grip, it continued coming at the girl, shrieking and hissing... While it ran wildly around the interior of the brick bungalow, the cat continued shrieking and began defecating throughout the home... The officer shot the cat square in the chest with his Beretta .40-calibre handgun. 'Even after he shot it, that cat was so hopped up - we're talking about a little, eight-pound cat - Mickey ran down the hall into the bathroom and jumped into the tub,' the husband recollected. 'He didn't die for at least five minutes.'"

    Read the article here
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    Next on Fox: When Good Cats Go Completely Freaking Ballistic For No Apparent Reason


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      Sounds like Mickey worked a grad night
      Well Secluded, I see all!!!

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        Stuff like this makes me mad--that home was under renovation, it was fine when it went in the basement, it probably ate something down there that made it "high"
        and it flipped out. OR my cat has seizures, and she has no clue where she is and runs around wildly between scared out of her mind. Imagine being sick and scared and not knowing whats going on and you get shot! some loving family. They had it cornered, they should have tried to capture it and figure out the problem. : (


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          I'm slightly nervous, I have 7 cats, all in door, could an attack be in my future? LOL!
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          it's what they are like in their HEART!

          - Wolfette


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            THere was something that probably set it off.

            We used to own a rather large,imposing and BOSSY black cat named Precious who could be rather agressive to show she was in charge. We ended up having her put down when she was about 3 1/2 years old due to conflicts with another cat OUTSIDE our house (she was a strictly indoors cat). I still miss her. But we tried everything..we seperated her from the other cat, we tried giving her extra attention and even kitty Prozac (which whacked her out even more) before putting her down.


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