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    no harm intended by this note I seem to think is funny.Sorry dustysage
    Re: hi i need to tell you guys somthing!!!

    Folks - icedtears needs to seek the help of her family or professionals (perhaps a mother/father, a teacher, a school counselor, the police, a doctor). While we can be supportive, I am very uncomfortable with a bunch of strangers from the Internet giving advice in a situation such as this.

    I understand the urgency in icedtears message and hope that she seeks the local help from her Family and friends that she needs at this moment.

    Please be advised that this thread may need to be closed if it jeopardizes the identity or safety of any individual. Please notify a Moderator if any of you feel that this thread crosses that line.

    i did not even say my bfs last name, i did say were he was moving 2 and stuff but nothing to harm anyone,I would not say anything like that anyway to veiw orginal thread click here,
    hi i need to tell you guys somthing!!!
    here is what i said!!
    I am on the verge of an emotional breakdownmy ex)boyfriend got beaten by his father because of somthing that was put on his myspace,that he did not write.His father beat him with a coffie mug and when that broke he beat him with his hand until that broke.(he shoded me the bruises they were horrible)The police in our town watch myspace because of things that happen because of that site in the past.His dad is going to jail for ten years because the police called the house because of what was writen.Justin had a friend create a myspace for him and that was the only person that knew his password.Because of this he is now moving to wiscoin going to whs high,were they have metal detectors their.The worst part of it is from there he might be going to virgina to live in a group home.The police took away his computer and now are going to take away his new puppy when he goes to the group home.Justin says the worst part of it is leaving his friends and his puppy.I feel so bad for him.Anyone know any ways I can give him support?I asked my mom if we could buy his puppy because he is selling for a thousand dollers and she said no.But Justin and all my friends both agree we would rather have his dog in safe hands of someone we know than someone we do not know.I am not supposed to tell anyone,he would not let me tell my mom but i had to because I was so upset.But I will not tell anyone at my high shcool because students other than his friends arnt supposed to know.I made my mom swear by her grave and she said she would take the secret to her grave.But justin did not say I was not allowed to type this on the computer.
    Sorry about the grammer,I am to upset and worried about my friend to care.

    i understand dustysage cares about the safety of the micechat community and stuff.
    so thank you dustysage but why would my violate article might of had bad things in it in my later posts on the thread but i dont see how it could harm anyone.Plz explain someone.I do understand how he can be uncomterble with strangers giving me advice but most of the advice they have given me I got from,my mom and my friends that know about this.So its not like I am just trusting some random strangers online.Why would I need to see police and doctors?
    Last edited by icedtears; 10-13-2006, 05:15 PM.

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    Re: funny note from dustysage



    These are the games that never end.


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      Re: funny note from dustysage


      Please understand that the actions which were taken were to protect both you and your boyfriend. I'm sorry that you felt that you needed to start a second thread. But this too will be closed. I would strongly suggest that you let it go and seek the help and support of your family.

      Last edited by Dustysage; 10-13-2006, 05:42 PM.
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