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Bruce Gordon Passes Away (moved posts)


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  • Bruce Gordon Passes Away (moved posts)

    Well, I'm sure that Tony Baxter has his own thoughts on this. Tony has attended so many memorials of his co-workers and peers who died at a young age, that it must be downright depressing for him. Whenever there was a death at Disney of a talented "bachelor"... it usually meant AIDS.

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    Re: Bruce Gordon Passes Away

    Here we go. Three posts later, and the new guy's modus operandi becomes apparent.

    Whatever Tony knows about this situation is his business alone. Whatever Bruce unfortunately passed away from is Bruce's business as well as his family's and close friends'. It is not the business of anonymous posters such as yourself.

    My brother died from complications relating to AIDS, as several friends of my own, some of whom I even worked for, many years ago. Therefore, I find such ramblings highly offensive. Discussions of this nature are quite personal and completely tasteless to bring up on a fan site such as this.

    If you wish to honor Bruce's memory and the wonderful things he created for the Walt Disney Company, fine. But take your tawdry and sordid speculations elsewhere. This is not the place for them.
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      Re: Bruce Gordon Passes Away

      Originally posted by Jimmyjoe90210 View Post
      Well, I'm sure that...
      Blah blah blah...

      That is one of the most hurtful and insensitive posts I've ever read on MiceChat.

      Shame on you!:thumbdown
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