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Mobile Ordering Coming Soon to Disneyland Resort

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  • Mobile Ordering Coming Soon to Disneyland Resort

    Ah, yes. The old "You just don't like change" defense.

    Sorry, folks. It didn't work when it was used against Al Lutz's criticism of Disney's decline-by-degrees in the 90s, and it doesn't work now.

    Like the sarcastic mockery of Disney's critics in this thread, it reveals how little Disney's defenders have in their arsenal of justifications for Disney's latest reduction in quality customer service.

    "With the acquisition of Marvel and now of Lucasfilm,
    Disney may have finally found the grail. You don't need
    imagination or art. All you need is a brand."

    - Neil Gabler

    "I didn't know the story of baby Jesus could be any better,
    until Thor told it to me."
    Young girl at Disneyland's 2017 Candlelight Ceremony