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Why isn't Our Buzz Ride this Interactive or Cool?

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  • Why isn't Our Buzz Ride this Interactive or Cool?

    Originally posted by JesterMn View Post
    Bingo x10

    I mean, say what you will about management errors in judgement... and sure, they've been cheap many, many times (security lines being the first that come to my mind)... but they have many unexpected, minor improvements (lines for Dumbo, stroller area for Adventurland, upgrades to Fantasyland dark rides) that easily didn't have to be done at all if they really wanted to save a buck.

    Plus, GE certainly doesn't look cheap. And I don't care if they cut attractions for "budget", as long as what's there looks quality (and it sure does), I can give them credit where it's due.
    Except that the topic of the thread is "Why isn't Our Buzz Ride this Interactive or Cool," not "Let's defend Disney management by listing all the Good and Wonderful Things They Do."
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