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  • Star War Land Expansion First Order Themed

    Originally posted by GreatAndoski View Post
    What do you mean "based off the First Order?" The entire Rise of the Resistance ride takes place on a First Order ship with stormtroopers everywhere - we are playing the role of resistance recruits, sure, but it's hardly a "resistance" ride.

    Also, Galaxy's Edge exists chronologically between the Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker movies, and Starkiller Base was destroyed at the end of Force Awakens...

    Having an attraction where guests take the First Order's perspective is iffy. Darth Vader's specific coolness aside, fascists are not cool, and Disneyland building an E-ticket ride where you join the world-annihilating fascists doesn't sound like a great idea.
    My eyes bleed reading this. Please tell everyone buying first order merch or anything empire related they support fascist. World annihilating fascist. Good god. Please do this.

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    Originally posted by whoever View Post

    I do. I'm a student of history, who knows more than most about what happened 70 years ago. That being said, heavy-handed "just following orders" for something DISNEY SOLD ME is asinine. Gestapo-like behavior seems to fit the bill. The Gestapo were allowed to arrest people that offended the government. While I wasn't arrested, Disney clearly pissed me off and made my daughter cry for NO LEGITIMATE REASON as well as me having to forfeit my property I PAID Disney for. Their policy is stupid, illogical, and asinine, and I stand behind my comments about the policy, behavior, and execution. If it was worth my extremely limited time's worth, I'd write them and get compensation. It's not, however, so I'll just go along with it like the rest of the sheep.
    The reference to the gestapo is still so wrong, here. I could detail what could actually happened to your daughter in the hands of the gestapo, but that would instantly get this thread shut down. If you're such a student of history and know 'more than most' about the history including the gestapo, then you should really know to choose your words more carefully.
    If you want to throw around such terms carelessly, one could likewise refer to you as an anarchist who thinks only of his own desires, considering yourself to be above any rules.
    Dead Mice Tell No Tails!