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Disneyland Implements Hiring Freeze and Cutbacks


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  • Disneyland Implements Hiring Freeze and Cutbacks

    ​​​​​​​Maybe if you can understand how Small World can still have value beyond it's slim wait time, you will realize how pointless it is to try to prove a rides success or failure based on wait time alone. Even right now MF has a 45 minute wait compared to Star Tours at 30. Which is more popular?
    Hypocrisy at its finest.
    Was it last year or earlier this year, that you defended Pixar Pier as practically Walt's gift to Disney, simply because of its attendance!

    Furthermore, it's hard to judge popularity only by capacity. A ride can be a people eater but not be as popular as another ride with less capacity (say, Peoplemover to Space Mountain).

    Additionally, okay let's say MF has 45 vs Star Tours' 30 min wait time. Of course MF is the more popular... it's brand new, so it's unfair to compare. However, the fact that Star Tours is only 15 min less is a testament to how enduring it is. Being over 30 yrs old, it's still pulling in similar crowds. It has time and legacy on its side.

    So it's hard to say what is more popular? You can't hype the biggest land in ages and not expect it to be more popular than an attract that's been there since 1987. Better is the comparison to, say, Avatar's attractions.