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Iger "Attendance was below what we hoped it would be,"


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  • Iger "Attendance was below what we hoped it would be,"

    Originally posted by MrLiver View Post

    I think we all understand that they overcorrected in an abundance of caution.
    What exactly (outside of what you’ve already repeatedly pointed out ad nauseam) did they do to “force” the average ticket buying public / tourists from all over the world to not come to visit the worlds one and only Star Wars land and exclusive global premier and grand opening in the SW franchises 40 year history ?

    Did global Star Wars fans meet up at Burning man and telepathically signal a mass “stay away” message beamed by Iger and company? Maybe you spread the word globally? Did you, me, and the rest of the Galaxy know that ROTR wasn’t opening? You do realize people would have started planning hotel stays, booking airfare and trips a year in advance right?

    I mean you've run out of evidence. You keep harping on block outs, red flags, terror of large crowds, brilliant “by design strategies” etc etc etc etc and even on the LA TV outlet NBC 4 LA they said “crowds at Disneyland are light - per their own stock disclosure”. That’s not good PR for a theme park that just supposedly spent a billion dollars to bring in more business .. ( which I doubt ). Disney did not nor would any company build this land to cap attendance. Please stop saying that.

    Did Iger and Chapek barricade the gates at DLR? Did you?

    On site ticket sales at DLR were fractionally up. Assuming your male - Dude they should be up DOUBLE DIGITS if demand is there. Nothing, nothing stops a random person from drooling to get into experience the magnificent show stopper you call Galaxys Edge.

    None of us needed to hear Iger. We’ve been beating the drums for months that there’s a significant problem. Mice chat itself labeled its opening as tepid.

    Theres now been months for word or word of mouth to travel the globe from lips to ears to social media that would erase doubts and spur interest. And it hasn’t happened.

    Your drumbeat about well “when AP’s are unblocked you’ll see I was right” - right about what? It’s a bet-able guarantee the parks will be packed just like always are when blocks come off. You can’t Quantify that’s bc of Galaxy’s Edge. In fact Iger only solidified what we’ve all said - AP sales were lackluster. Lackluster when the largest expansion in Disneyland history opens? AP sales should be driven up by new lands and attractions.

    And now that Florida is coming online more saturation and confusion will further dilute its success.

    There are NO road blocks at the gates to Disneyland.

    Build it and they they shall come... but where are they?
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