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  • Rise of the Resistance Update

    Originally posted by SeanNyberg
    But what about all of those “there’s no way it’ll be done in time, they are about to announce another huge delay because the show rooms have flooded and the computer systems don’t work and everything has to be ripped out.” And then we are like “where did you hear that? Looks like misspelled ramblings of fan fiction” and they are like “their insider info is always right!”

    Now they will say “just wait! They still will push back the date”. Mmmhmmmmm. Yes. This insider info was available to someone who couldn’t cite it, yet - they are doing a massive advertising push knowing full well they are going to postpone the dates. 😂😂😂 it’s cute and fun to watch the outrage fandom get schooled.

    Keep up the the great work Natalie!

    You may not want to gloat, Sean. You're the one who conveniently disappears when things don't go your way and someone proves you wrong.
    Sure, the ride may open in January, but if it doesn't, the only sure thing is that someone will dig up this post you made, ask you to defend it, and you'll probably hide again.

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