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    Originally posted by SeanNyberg
    The company is bigger than its ever been, has more money and market share than it ever has had, and the parks are larger than ever and have more rides than ever before. A new E ticket in a few months, a whole new land next year with another ride, and two new E tickets in the next couple years. Yeahhhhhhhh. Pretty sure that’s called growth
    Attendance being down for a few months is the best news I’ve ever heard! Raise the prices, lowers attendance but maintains profits. Bring it on. Makes for less wait times I’m all for it! ❤️❤️
    Disney is King right now and it’s so fun to watch and benefit from!

    Lol, the fanboyism may be clouding your judgment. I usually see this in giddy 12-year-olds, but not grown adults.

    First of all, a company that is bigger than its ever been, and has more money than ever, should be able to deliver a "completed" land on time. It also shouldn't have slashed the attractions and entertainment it promised you. Justify this for me, please.

    #2: The park does NOT have more rides than it ever has. The park has less rides than it did int he early 90s.

    #3: Glad you don't care about lower attendance and higher prices, but apparently Disney doesn't agree with you. In the end, the park will suffer (not to mention the CMs and execs who get hours cut or fired. Nice you care about them.).

    Frankly, you just sound immature. Disney could throw heaps of crap on you and you'd still eat it up. This leads to 2 downsides: one, you're trolling, in which case you're immature, or two, you're serious, in which case you're immature. The gloating is ridiculous.

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