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    Originally posted by SeanNyberg
    Then quit and work for a different company.
    Ironically negativity has increased on this board since you personally declared you wanted to join to fix it.

    A message board is about back-and-forth dialogue.

    If you want to boast like an 8 year old boy ("hee hee hee big crowds told ya so!!") you're talking to yourself.

    If you want to act desperate and post any little shred of hope that may validate your claims, all the while asking others for evidence, you're talking to yourself.

    If you want to be selective, and only seek out others who will agree with you, invest in a mirror.

    I've can think of at least 2 threads you got your bluff called and suddenly disappeared.

    So, choose: trolling, cowardice, narcissism, agenda, fanboyism or immaturity?

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