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    Originally posted by guynhawaii

    Thanks to everyone for their responses.
    We can be critical without being negative. Perhaps a better description would be insulting. It was never my intention to plead for censorship. I first started reading this Board approximately 2005. I greatly enjoyed Al Lutz for his insight. I was never offended by any of his criticisms. I thought they were well founded and delivered professionally.

    However, I think many of us have drifted away from Al’s example.

    For example...if Bob Chapek was reported dead, I am afraid posters would respond with happiness and joy, with comments like he didn’t die soon enough, good redinance, can’t wait to piss on his grave, etc...

    So my recommendation is deliver criticism with respect
    . No need for any personal attacks.
    Unfortunately, personal attacks seem to be the norm. I guess for many, being consumed with anger is all they have left

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    Originally posted by Barbaraann

    Personally, I do not find this to be true. I have been treated respectfully much more times, than not.
    Yes, you may feel as though you are treated respectfully. But at your age, you do understand that this is your own personal experience here, and that the experience isn't the same for everyone, right? You also realize that, through your time here, you have been one of the people who tends to bully others, and that your group sticks together like a pack of angry rats guarding a stale and sorry piece of cheese in order to support one another in the face of being called out for the constant belittling of others you don't immediately agree with.

    Don't even try to pretend that isn't the truth, because it is, and any person outside of your group of overly enthusiastic, incredibly vocal bullies who visit these forums would agree.

    You are different from a few of those whom regularly gang up on others in the attempt of beating everyone into submissive silence, though, in that you have more recent experience with the park than they. You are also not nearly as vocal as they are in terms of complaining about the resort. Your biggest complaint came only recently when you stated that you had been priced out. Your disappointment with that revelation is understandable.

    And yet, you still come here and point out that someone is wrong about the way others make them feel, because your own experience here has been different.

    The others in the band of bullies who are most vocal have about zero relevant experience with the modern resort, and their complaints mean absolutely nothing in terms of reality. They bitch and complain here because there is currently no way outside of an outright banning to silence them, and if this is the way they behave in regular conversations in their lives away from being anonymous on the world wide web, they likely don't have anyone willing to listen to them.

    So, they come here, instead. They come here and bitch and cry and complain and moan about who is in charge of a resort that one claims not to have visited since 1998, and the other states they haven't been back to since 2007. Both agree that they never want to go, again. At the same time, neither will leave. And a third one just agrees with everything they write, providing no thought or new input of his own while he does so.

    What they will do, though, is find any dim pocket of sunshine, and gather all whom support them in an effort to pick upon and pick apart any joy left in this, the self proclaimed happiest place in cyberspace. Any defense others stage to stand up to the bullying tactics is met with retaliation by the band of bullies, and often a recounting of the victim's own personal posting history, complete with links to the posts which will all be negative, not that it matters because nobody is going to look at them, provided by the head bully whom is consumed with a considerable axe to grind, and suffers from entirely too much time on his hands.

    Natalie has been a victim here for a bit, now. She states she is an employee at the park. She suggests she loves her job. She also has, due to her being a frontline employee facing customers at the resort, current evolving experience of the park, its guests, their attitudes, the products, and what to expect in a given day at work. Anything she writes in a positive manner is dismissed as fluff. The few things she has written as complaints, namely the well documented attitude issues of P***Holes, as Park employees call them, has been cited as proof that she is hostile, and that this should be utilized in a campaign that the bullies here suggested setting up to get her fired, lest they might have to read something from her here again.

    That is not respect. What it is is a culmination of a demented sociopathic behavior from a group that has been given free reign to bash others for far too long here. You can bet that almost every one of their posts is met with a report against it. Even if a rule is provided to point out why a post should be removed, in most cases, it is not. But a post like this probably will be, because the only reason I reply to anything now is to call out the BS from the bullies, and readers have been wading through so much of it here for so long that saying anything has become pointless.

    I used to love coming here. I used to love reading about neat things to see, to do, to find at the resort. It only took three people to destroy this place, and they've picked up a steady fourth person to help them out recently.
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