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    Originally posted by Steven Fonzi Brown View Post

    Check out the various studies that crunch the numbers on driving for UBER, which clearly demonstrate that it is exploitative and a losing venture financially in the long-term when you factor everything in.

    The "nobody forced them" is exactly the same argument exploitative employers have always made. For example, nobody forced people to work horrible, dangerous, low-paying factory jobs in the early days of factories, but we can all agree that those jobs were horrible, dangerous, and exploitative. Nobody is forcing people to work in the modern-day factory sweatshops in Asia, but I think we can all agree that those jobs are horrible, dangerous, exploitative, etc. But I'm sure you would argue that those sweatshops simply have a better business model and America socialism is destroying the job market to favor unions, right? You would prefer us to have sweatshops here in America right? You would prefer us to remove all the laws that protect workers from being exploited?
    No, first conflating early industrialization and Asian working conditions with modern America is both ludicrous and historically dishonest. And the whole “exploitation” argument only works if you believe that everyone has the “right” to a “working wage”. The free market works because of innovation and competition. Uber was both of those things. Complaining that uber’s independent contractor model hurt taxi drivers is like saying Nike is hurting the cobbler because he can’t make money making shoes like Nike can. Uber came in and forced taxi companies to compete, so the option they should have had was innovate or be forced out of business. But not in the socialist world. Nope. Big government had to step in and squash the creativity to protect who they think should win the free market game. Which is why socialism is such a failure. Uber and other companies that rely on independent contracting in California are the ones really screwed by the nutjobs in Sacramento as is the free market, freedom, and creativity. Why do you think so many droves of people and companies have been fleeing California?

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