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Sometimes your fellow guests can make all the difference...


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  • Sometimes your fellow guests can make all the difference...

    Originally posted by CM08 View Post

    However don't complain if you're ever stuck in an hour long non-moving line due to a guest acting up on an attraction then. I don't think anyone here is letting others "define" their experience... but it can make a huge difference especially if you're a single day ticket holder, positive or negative, as you may not have another chance to ride for years.
    I agree, someone who does not care about the experience others are having... will call them "too sensitive"

    several bullies I have known always said that of anyone who complained about their mean behavior...
    or "is it bothering YOU?" from the idiot who is doing karate in line... hitting and kicking the people around him

    I also think of the experience for those who have saved for a couple years to bring their family to Disneyland
    taking time from work, paying for travel and hotel...

    wait in line for an attraction they will not see again for years...

    and have some idiot with a flash, a loud voice... spoil the effects Disney spent millions creating...
    or show up on "bat days" or gay days... so their Disney experience is hijacked by some other agenda

    when all goes well Disneyland is the most Amazing experience... truly a fantasy...

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