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COVID-19 and Christmastime


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  • COVID-19 and Christmastime

    I've heard not so long ago that the quarantine may be cancelled in May or June. Scientists say that coronavirus has the same nature as the regular flu and it's seasonal. If so, soon we will be able to return to normal life. If they're wrong... well, then we'll enter a nightmare world. Even now, factories and manufacturing all over the world are shutting down. We are on the way to a huge economic crisis. And this is very bad. BTW, you all can congratulate me - I've already lost my job because of quarantine. One of my friends recommended to follow some advice from this site so I can earn money by gambling. I think I'll do it. There is nothing else to do anyway.
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    Originally posted by Jaymi View Post
    in my opinion, i think that the park should just have a soft opening and just allow locals in the park and have them still keep a safe distance between each other, have only a certain amount of people on the rides, keep empty seats/rows between guests and just play it be ear. only have a certain amount of people in the park at one time.
    If the numbers for the virus do not explode in cities all across America in the next few weeks with all of these people out protesting, and many rioting, then we will well know this has been completely overblown and we should open Disneyland, and everything else, up for normal operations and get back to life.


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