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Disney should extend all annual passes to Dec 31 2020


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  • Disney should extend all annual passes to Dec 31 2020

    I think the parks will reopen as normal. People were going into the park with no issues when the coronavirus began to make the news. Now, everyone freaks out about everything and the numbers simply don't make this as serious as the media wants it to be.

    Call me crazy. I don't care. But you should be thinking about getting back to normal and not scared by this coronavirus. There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world. Approximately 2.1 million people "allegedly" have gotten corona virus. That is .02% of the world population. You have a 99.98% chance of not getting this.

    Are people dying solely from coronavirus, or are there underlying conditions that were made worse from it?

    Do you know anyone personally that has gotten it?

    Why are people getting tested if they have no sypmptoms. You can be negative today, and positive the next. Wait till you have symptoms and then go get tested.

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