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  • Newsom Phases of Opening

    Originally posted by TacAlert
    But 80% are not getting infected and that is a fact, not a "fact".

    You and I will never agree, I get that. And not trying to argue with you. But I and others share an opinion that we believe this is not as serious. The facts I get are from the CDC website which you have to trust as accurate.

    But just a week ago or so, Newsom was saying schools would probably be closed all year. Now he is saying they will open in late July or early August.

    As I have PM'd you, I wish you well and know you are taking care of yourself. My opinion is that we have to get this economy back open again. I am truly fortunate I have an essential job that will never go away. I work for a business where close contact is made with people everyday and only 81 out almost 13000 employees have gotten infected, a .62% and almost 60 of those have already returned to work. No deaths.

    I am not scared of this virus and never will be. I admit I was a little n the early days when it began to get reported daily on all news channels. But, I really look at the numbers and it changed my opinion.
    The mental gymnastics required to create such an alternate reality are amazing -- but then again, no more so than the spectacular triple-twists of facts performed by Lockdown Protestors, Anti-Vaxxers, and the current White House administration.
    "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
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    "It's very symbiotic."
    - Bob Chapek

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