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Annual Pass cancellations?


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  • Annual Pass cancellations?

    Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post

    Seems to me you may be unaware that "asking Disney" is sometimes the course of last resort, not first (unless one likes long waits in a phone queue or for an email reply, and sometimes getting confusing and contradictory information -- especially now that the information desks are working with reduced staffing).

    There are many members on this forum who are happy to help new members by giving them firsthand information, or by posting links to previous threads that may have the information. Helping other members with information is a MiceChat tradition.
    Wow. Sure didn't mean to get you upset. Guess you laid down the law and told me. I was just trying to help. Most of the time, in real life, the best way to get accurate information is from the source that controls the information. Sorry.

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