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When do you predict Disneyland's two theme parks will re-open?


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  • When do you predict Disneyland's two theme parks will re-open?

    Originally posted by brian11811
    I dont see social distancing working at the parks. People are going to bunch up. I’m glad this will help the economy, but it seems kind of stupid looking at the history of the Spanish Flu bouncing back into a problem in the “second wave”. I really think they should wait until flu season passes. I mean for big stadiums and theme parks.

    I wonder if they are holding for phase 3 until they can hire huge amounts of extra contact tracers.
    But remember, Covid19, or as I call it: the Wuhan 400, (Eyes of Darkness, Dean Koontz) is only dangerous to a very small percentage of the population, roughly .03%) Therefore, second wave or not, once people get it and recover, we’ll have crowd immunity and this will all be over.

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    Originally posted by Mr Wiggins

    Spot on. Epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins report that early herd immunity against COVID-19 is a dangerous misconception. That NPR article ("Antibody Tests Point To Lower Death Rate For The Coronavirus Than First Thought") leaves out the information that antibody tests are turning out to be highly inaccurate. And the COVID-19 death rate is, if anything, more serious that has been thought; it is becoming increasingly apparent that its deaths have been significantly undercounted in America and other countries.

    Undercounted in some respects, over-counted in others. Many hospitals have been counting deaths that weren’t actually from Covid19, as part of the numbers too. So info is very sketchy. Was isn’t, though, is the reality that those who die have either some underlying condition or have a weak immune system e.g. the elderly.


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