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Stage 3 might be delayed due to the protests


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  • Stage 3 might be delayed due to the protests

    Remember, everything recommended is a guideline. Doesn't mean it has to be followed. I mean what would happen if DL opens and no one wears masks? Or a restaurant opens and no one sits apart from each other? What I'm trying to say is guidelines are being provided for all these businesses. Does not mean they have to follow them.

    For example, the barber shop I just went to today, it was optional to wear a mask. The state recommended a guideline to wear one, but the customers didn't (while waiting) and most of the barbers didn't either.

    "And yes, we implore EVERYBODY to follow the park rules. Having off-ride footage is great, but any still photo's or video's taken ON the coasters at SFMM are strictly against the rules. They are there for your (and everybody's) safety." "Six Flags doesn't allow ANY loose articles on their coasters, and they don't allow video taping on their coasters. " BUT, "‚Äč This is not true. Six Flags does not allow ANY On-Ride video or pictures on the rides. The ONLY way is if you get explicit permission from Park Management." ???

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