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Over 25,000 people sign petition asking Disneyland to re-open at later date


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  • Over 25,000 people sign petition asking Disneyland to re-open at later date

    Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post

    Fact check: Thus far there is zero evidence that Disney will be able to enforce its rules. Zero evidence that by July 17, Disney will have developed, funded, staffed and rehearsed a comprehensive strategy to track and enforce strict social distancing and mask wearing for all guests on its property.

    All we have are Disney's statements about their policy. They've said nothing about how they're going to implement and enforce it. Nothing about the consequences for guests who don't follow the rules. As with the general population, a significant portion of Disney's guests can be expected to be strongly opposed to wearing masks -- people who can be expected to take them off or slip them down under their chins anytime they think no CMs are around.

    Does anyone seriously think Cheaptastic Chapek will spend the money to hire, train, and assign a sufficient number of extra CMs -- especially security CMs -- to patrol the parks and monitor the rides for maskless guests? Does anyone seriously think he'll authorize security CMs to escort anti-maskers out of the park? Revoke APs? Ban people?

    Does anyone seriously think the cheapest CEO in Disney's history will spend the money to give all park employees a daily COVID-19 test? Real tests, mind you, not the temperature scans they'll be giving guests, which have been proved to be useless at identifying asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic carriers of the virus.

    Please, not this pathetic Whataboutism again.
    Dude all you are is an axe grinder. Clearly you have a underlying issue with Disney. If they take precautions at this point there isn’t a real reason not to reopen, nobody is forced to go. Businesses have to reopen, we have to learn to live with this disease, isn’t going anywhere. Are people supposed to be solely living off the money the government is printing until a vaccine that there isn’t a clear timeline for?

    And what you don’t report when you post your articles is the FACT that hospitalizations, deaths, and ICU numbers are largely flat in California through the opening AND that the percentage testing positive has actually decreased, which is one of the most important numbers.

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