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  • Disneyland Opening DELAYED

    Originally posted by oceanbreeze77 View Post

    it sucks to be one of the millions that followed the rules, stayed inside, and listened to the scientist for so long, only to have it ruined by people who need to drink beer in a dive bar
    Yep, it probably does suck. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve been living life normally and doing just fine, too.

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    Originally posted by CASurfer65 View Post
    Hopefully things will start to die down a bit after these weeks following the looting, rioting and protests, and we see a flattening of the curve.

    Sadly, every time the rules have not been followed (spring break in FL or OC beaches here in CA), or reins have been loosened in one way or another, we've seen a spike.

    The fact is, we've been told not to congregate in large numbers, and people still are. We've been told to wear masks, and a lot of people are still not being consistent with that.
    Add the two together and we've got a difficult situation.

    And when you consider that masks are not even considered foolproof....yes, they're better than nothing, but still not a 100%....some serious questions have to be asked.
    The problem is you were told to do something and you did it. I don’t see any kings or queens (Drama ones maybe) in this country.


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