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    Originally posted by ridetotheworld View Post
    So as i am waiting for Disneyland to reopen truly from virus numbers going down, thought i ask this maybe a crazy question. its first time i wanted to plan it but not sure of the future with this virus going on. so heres what i need to ask from you guys. What will you do if not a friend in the world don't want to go disneyland with you? i wanted to bring my BFF to disneyland to experience a trip with friend for first time before i turn 30, but with virus get in the way, i maybe make exceptions to like at 32 years old, which is at 2024? And, my bff kept saying he can't grantee it and claiming he got something more important to do than this trip. thought i do this so i can show my future self that got something much greater if i didn't achieve something big in my life, like not getting a high pay job for example.
    First, learn how to punctuate correctly.... ugh

    Second, just go by yourself!

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