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Disneyland Procedures Start June 15: Masks Off & No Physical Distancing


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  • Disneyland Procedures Start June 15: Masks Off & No Physical Distancing

    Originally posted by Karalora

    How do you continue to not understand this? Simply looking out for oneself is not enough, because the people who refuse to take preventative precautions against spreading the virus can potentially negate the preventative precautions taken by others. The longer COVID-19 circulates in the population, the more chances it has to mutate into a variant that blows right past all vaccines AND is more infectious than the original AND is more deadly.
    If anyone is worried about getting COVID, they can get vaccinated and wear a N95 respirator and have literally no chance of getting COVID. None. The vaccines are so great, there's no significant reason to worry about what other people are or aren't doing anymore. We have <1000 cases a day in California, <15,000 nationally. I got vaccinated, but I fully support those who choose not to get vaccinated. I'm not going to pass judgment on young healthy people who decide they'd rather take their very low chance of getting and even lower chance of struggling with COVID. Are you going to be judging every parent who decides not to vaccinated their kids too? I'm not vaccinating my elementary age kids. There's no compelling argument that healthy children NEED to be vaccinated against this.

    Enough with the variant drama honestly. People really need to chill out with that variant fear porn they're overdosing on. No strong evidence any escape vaccine induced immunity in any meaningful way. Slightly higher chance of vaccinated person getting it, maybe. Protection from hospitalization, yep same as against all the other variants. We should be sending all our vaccines to poor nations that are desperate for them instead of vaccinating kids in the US if you are really worried about variants. Around the world there's nearly 400,000 cases per day, and they have limited if any vaccine supply. Far greater chance of variants being produced there than on It's a Small World...

    I fully support what Disneyland is doing, except believe we need to go one step further and not require young children to wear masks. It's silly at this point. Make it optional. Honestly people's impression of how effective a cloth mask is against a virus primarily transmitted by aerosols is grossly exaggerated anyway. Cloth masks provide minutes of extra protection, minutes. Are they better than nothing, sure. But not significantly. Children have had to sacrifice disproportionately in our responses to mitigate COVID. It's time we recognize that and stop sacrificing their childhood at the alter of our fears.

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