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Disneyland Procedures Start June 15: Masks Off & No Physical Distancing


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  • Disneyland Procedures Start June 15: Masks Off & No Physical Distancing

    Originally posted by Mr Wiggins

    Bingo. Meanwhile, vaccinated peeps who play sardines with DLR crowds this summer can take solace in the research that says the Pfizer vaccine is 79% effective against the Delta variant (awaiting data on the Moderna and J&J vaccines). Which means maskless vaccinated folks only have a 21% chance of catching it. Heck, that's better odds than you'd get in Vegas! Of course, the research also shows that the Delta variant is 'way deadlier and more transmissible than the other variants, and it's rapidly spreading in the U.S. as it has in the U.K. -- but hey, isn't a maskless day at Disneyland worth a 1 in 5 chance of catching a severe, highly transmissible disease?
    that data is half baked at best. Preliminary data from one study suggests maybe, a slightly higher chance of getting asymptomatic infection. What's the chance of those people getting hospitalized? Still the same incredible protection 95%+. Is your goal to somehow get to 0 COVID? Is that reasonable? There's still no reason for vaccinated people to worry about variants. Should focus instead on all the good news, COVID is running out of carriers in many parts of the US. Disneyland is opening, people don't have to wear masks!

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