I think I've figured out the disconnect here. Fenix is talking about cloth masks as protection for the wearer, which is indeed a rather shoddy barrier. I'm talking about cloth masks as protection from the wearer...including me if I, who am fully vaccinated, happen to become an asymptomatic carrier as a result of some jack*** who won't get vaccinated and won't wear any sort of mask spewing their germs everywhere in my vicinity.

And because businesses are opting to go with the "honor system" (anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers have no honor) instead of any sort of verification process, and because too many people are refusing vaccination for us to reach herd immunity, and because anti-vax and anti-mask go hand in hand, I have to assume that the unmasked people around me are potential carriers, and continue to wear mine, and do what I can to make myself the last link in any infection chain, even if it won't harm me personally. It's called compassion for others.