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Yes, unfortunately "asking questions and offering opinions and observations" has become the go to for "the overwhelming consensus and data points to a particular point that I don't like and therefore I will find a handful of dissenting opinions that align with my beliefs and then endlessly spout those opinions and facts to fit the narrative that I have constructed for myself."

Science has always had dissent, forever and always, the internet has now been able to turn those dissenting opinions into tidal waves of misinformation as people take what is almost a minority of outliers and turn them into some form of co-opted truth. It's great that things are slowly returning to normal, but 600k people in America died.
This is where it gets kind like a debate. Did 600K people actually die of covid in the USA? Well, that is what they say is the number. And yet in that statistic are these kinds of deaths too...

example: 25 year old on a motorcycle has a traffic accident and is rushed to the hospital ER. He ends up dying from his injuries----but oh wait! His blood test shows positive for covid even if he had no symptoms, and what do they put down as cause of death? Surely not the massive head trauma from the accident, but covid is listed. And why is that? Well, all that Federal money to hospitals in the recovery bills to help hospitals with the massive losses they incurred during the pandemic. This isn't conspiracy wacko stuff, this is exactly how the hospital puts down many deaths for their "billing". I know this first hand as I have seen the numbers and reports. Also included are all of those very frail and elderly who died with covid, who would often die anyway from the flu, or from pneumonia in any given year. So when we say 600k that out to come with a couple of asterisks to note some of the additional details.[/quot

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..Overwhelming science demonstrated that masks provide at least some protection especially when combined social distancing, and some protection is better than no protection.
Actually the only overwhelming factor was the social distancing and/or staying at home/isolation. The cloth and paper mask had very LITTLE to factor into this. And for those who failed to social distance, then wore cloth and paper masks indoors in proximity to infected people over extended time, that then caused more infection to spread. An example of that was factory and food processing workers who even after wearing masks and face shield still continued to infect each other, because standing next to someone sharing the same air over 8, 10, and 12 hours shifts, and the viral load from covid skyrockets and then those flimsy masks do nothing much.

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Also no, masks do not massively inhibit your o2 intake, no masks do not massively increase your c02 intake, the vast majority of asthma patients can wear masks just fine as masks do almost nothing to impact your 02 saturation in your blood, and yes I am sure you could find something somewhere to cite something contrary to what I'm saying but there were billions of people wearing masks just like billions take advil and at least a few die.
Billions wearing masks were not all patients with emphysema and severe asthma, or chronic COPD. Many people have trouble regulating their breathing due to health issues, and wearing masks does not help them. Besides, there is a fast spectrum associated with this depending on whether those people are under exertion, or at rest. Not everyone breaths the same way. Really healthy and fit people are not affected that much by breathing restrictions, but there is tons of science on how people breath, and how many breath inefficiently, especially when under exertion. As someone who was heavy into sports in my youth, including track, cross country, and swimming, I can tell that HOW you breath makes a huge difference, especially if you are doing it wrong.

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Take the hullabaloo about Astrazaneca as an example, the percentage of people that suffered complications was lower than users taking birth control.....you can always play with numbers.
Yep, and back to what I said about the 600l.

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It's fine if California is lowering the mask mandate, as people get vaccinated the risk drops and their effectiveness needs to be measured against the will to keep policing them and the discomfort that they do cause.

I'll add two things. "Personal responsibility" when it comes to collective health is a horrible stance to take. Lots of people out there are incapable of receiving a vaccine for legitimate reasons, people's choice to simply not get one impacts those that can't get one, your "personal responsibility" directly infringes on the health of your fellow man.
I'm not anti vax, I got the shots almost 6 months ago. I did so to be responsible for ME. And especially because I don't rely on, or trust other people to be responsible for themselves. So now I don't care if people do or don't take the shots, or do or don't wear masks. I never put my faith in other people to be responsible anyway. So, how is me being responsible for me a problem? Especially since I am not spreading covid?

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The second, HIPAA means NOTHING when it comes to a private company, if Disney wanted to ask for health records to check vaccine status and you decry "HIPPA!!!!! no you are violating my rights," Disney can say thanks, good bye. HIPAA ONLY applies to healthcare providers.
If you are talking about Disney demanding to know what my covid status is? Then no, I would not provide that to them.

Eventually courts will decide on the vaccine passport thing. It is just window dressing anyway. All of those can be faked, especially by anti vaxers---which I am not one of. So then why would I trust a "passport program" which can be faked anyway? Which is why personal responsibility is the best remedy. Everyone get the vaccine, and then why worry about anyone else? For those who can't get it, why worry about them if you got it is my question? And how would me wearing a mask to protect them mean anything, if I don't have it anyway?