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Disney to require all U.S. employees to have COVID-19 vaccinations


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  • Disney to require all U.S. employees to have COVID-19 vaccinations

    A note for the readers of this thread... Wiggins believes he has a monopoly on science: If he posts something, you can set it in stone!

    To keep this thread from going to the debate lounge I'll leave it with this:

    "Many people who’ve been infected with the coronavirus might be able to safely skip the second jab of any two-dose vaccine regimen, a growing number of studies suggest. "

    "Studies show that people with previous exposure to SARS-CoV-2 tend to mount powerful immune responses to single shots, and gain little added benefit from another injection"

    "France, Germany and Italy, among other countries, now advise only one dose of vaccine for people with a healthy immune system and a confirmed previous diagnosis."

    Wiggins, honestly I think it's time for you to retire from posting about COVID. You are so far behind in science it's alarming. You keep coming at me though. I try hard to be mature and respectful when I post but you just love instigating me. Toxic behavior. Nothing about what I said was anti-science. I said it's questionable to mandate people to get 2 doses of an MRNA vaccine when they already have evidence of natural immunity. Clearly what I said was accurate. I wondered if Disney was mandating 2 doses despite evidence of natural immunity. That's a reasonable question.

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