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25,000 Disneyland Employees File Class Action Lawsuit Over Wages


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  • 25,000 Disneyland Employees File Class Action Lawsuit Over Wages

    Originally posted by whoever
    Unions are the devil. Stand on your merits or sit down
    What an incredibly obnoxious thing to say, both in terms of its specific content -- while there is certainly a lot of room for reasonable debate on various issues surrounding unionization, to flatly assert that it has no merit at all is to admit that you are both entirely unaware of enormous chapters of American history and also have completely no interest in correcting this shortcoming -- as well as its flagrantly political, inflammatory nature.

    If DLR has struck a deal with city of Anaheim that requires it to pay a certain wage to its workers in return for special favors from the city, then that's what it has to do, and if it's not doing so then the workers have every right to sue. You want to discuss that, go for it. Or, better yet, why not simply accept as given that we are all perfectly aware of the caliber and character of your views on any such subject? This would relieve you of the obligation of posting them at all, although I suppose this would compromise the very obvious and sad fantasy that there is someone out there who is somehow 'triggered' by the 'realness' of these unpleasant ejaculations, and where would we be without that?

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