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Splash redo is the new Superstar Limo


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  • Splash redo is the new Superstar Limo

    So much Whine up in here, I think I might open a cheese shop. I'll take the whinging about Splash's rebuild from the "purists" (are we talking Disneyland purity here or....?) when they start demanding Big Thunder be ripped up and the mules brought back because that sure as hell wasn't in "Walt's Original Vision" either
    In the meantime, maybe consider that just because something was "okay" in the past that doesn't mean it is now, even Disney's attempts at being progressive (Pocahontas vs Peter Pan) are problematic in their own ways when viewed through the lens of history. Disneyland is dedicated to *all* who come and no one should feel uncomfortable having to explain a damned log flume's backstory to their children. Representation matters a hell of a lot more than your pearl-clutching satanic-panicesque cries of "but muh childhood!!", new and remodeled rides won't magically erase your memories and replace them with the new attraction so please kindly get over yourselves.

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