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Obviously very sick guests ignored by Cast Members


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  • Obviously very sick guests ignored by Cast Members

    [QUOTE=Mr Wiggins;n8646924]
    So the consensus appears to be:

    - If anyone at Disneyland appears ill, we should always assume their symptoms are caused by anything but Covid -- air pollution, allergies, flu, colds, heart conditions, etc.

    - No customer who is obviously ill at Disneyland should ever be asked to leave.

    - Disney should not require customers to provide proof of Covid vaccination, unless it is mandated by the CDC and/or the government.

    - Any Disneyland customer who is not a medical professional should never express an opinion on any other customer's symptoms, because they are not trained to do so. (And by inference, no medical professional may express an opinion, either, because they have not examined and tested the customer.)

    - The fact that the Delta infection rate is out of control in the U.S., and that an increasing number of countries are banning travel from the U.S. because of our infection rate, has no bearing on the above.

    Got it.

    - I went to Disneyland in late August and saw no one who was "obviously ill'. Not being a doctor, nor shoving a stick up anyone's nose to test, I wouldn't be able to tell if they had COVID, air pollution, allergies, flu, colds, heart conditions, etc. .

    - Disneyland is in the United States of America, not Nazi Germany, so "show me your papers" should NEVER become the norm. Maybe if your not vaccinated you could wear a little yellow star pinned to your shirt so everyone would know to stay away from you.

    - Opinions are like noses (I'm being polite), EVERYONE HAS ONE!

    I see, so "other countries" can ban travel but when we did it was a bad thing. There were a lot of "foreigners'" at the park in August (making assumptions here because they only spoke in languages other than English).

    -If the Delta variant is really out of control, we should see millions of people heading to the hospital in the next couple of weeks. People sitting close together at the football games at an average of 50,000 per do the math. CDC website shows a down arrow today so we will see.

    I do know that unless your wearing a Medical N95 mask your not as protected as you think (paper and cloths masks are no protection against ANY virus).

    It appears we have two options:

    Don't go anywhere (including Disneyland). I'm going again in October.

    Live your life to the fullest each day, because you never know when it will end.

    I got my J & J vaccine in March, six hours later I had a temp of 102, vomiting, diarrhea, horrible body aches and shaking. Now either I had asymptomatic COVID before I got the shot or the shot caused me to have COVID. J & J sent me 14 pages of information about their vaccine. Nowhere on them did it say you could manifest symptoms from the vaccine, yet I know of 9 other people who went through the same thing I did. Do you think J & J would admit anything?

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