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2/17: May Daze


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  • 2/17: May Daze

    Press for the 4th, Subs/Buzz/Tiki updates, rehab & paint photos, plus lots more. Here's the place to discuss it all - even the use of "its" and "it's"...
    "Politics is the profession whereby the inevitable is made to seem a great human achievement" - Quentin Crisp

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    Thanks Al for the latest buzz, hope family matters are OK, its fortunate for us there are people like you that still manage to find the time and passion to make these reports available, you have been doing it for quite a few years and myself have been keeping track.

    Anyhow its interesting about the Subs situation, myself I think it would take a whole lot more money than what I see there, at least $150 million. If there is to be a reliable ride system, enjoyable with a good theme PLUS be ADA agreeable it will take some fancy engineering. Personally I think a compromise is going to be made, we the guests will actually see patrolling subs on the tracks but they will be empty shells, the real sub ride will be a simulator like Star Tours/ Mission Space, sub shaped, with "viewingports" (what current sub uses viewing ports anyway?) that is inside a building, several "podsubs" will be at the "dock" very much like loading ST. It will be a show of illusion of boarding a sub, klaxons going off, "DIVE DIVE DIVE" a cruise underwater with maybe a surprise or two...simulated water leaks, hull pops and groans, cabin err I mean sub going through the angles, maybe an emergency blow.
    Realistically If I had the check in hand thats what I would do otherwise its gonna be a an aqua Rocket Rod debacle. There is no way the old sub system is going to work, it was good then and lasted awhile but nowadays it must cater to safety requirements that are much less tolerant than 40 years ago, what if a prankster let loose with pepper spray inside of one? And what about the cramped space itself with kids, teens and the not so occasional "double wide" guest?

    BTW I think the gilded railing on the castle looks good, especially the Disney "D".

    Things are starting to brighten up a bit for Disneyland, I may not go to Orlando this year if DL is going through a rebirth, shows what can happen when proper management is around!
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    "Time And Relative Dimension In Space."


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      Extra Details

      DISCLAIMER: Now, by all means, I walk a fine tightrope when I post since I started working for the Mouse, so please understand that if I sound vague, it's b/c I can't (or shouldn't) say more.

      What is lagging behind however is the online gaming aspect of the ride, and that feature that the marketing folks were hyping during the 50th press announcements likely won't debut until later this summer.
      Don't be too quick to judge yet. Yes, there are a LOT of headaches from everyone I talk to regarding the online gaming, but it seems that they could get it up and working before they (WDI) hand over the ride to Ops at the end of the month. From what I heard the other day, there is a very intriguing aspect to the online gaming counterpart of the attraction that complicates things even further.

      Nonetheless, there will not be any photo purchase kiosks at the end for your in-ride photo, but instead they'll be available to download online as well as displayed overhead on flat-panel monitors (on the way to the gift shop, of course.) As far as I know, the webcam(s) inside the ride were designed for low-res photo stills, not for 8x10 prints.

      Why not just rename it Pixarland?
      Well, there are some pretty cool 'plans' in the works, but I don't expect any to be greenlighted anytime soon for various reasons your average Disneyphile can probably assume.

      ...and Isaac finally notes:
      What is this I hear that demolition work for Monsters has already begun inside SuperStar Limo?

      "Don't know. Mongo only pawn in game of life."


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        Just a simple "Thank you!" for your latest update.


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          Al have they interviewed you for the CEO spot yet?

          Hey Al, I am cruising the Disney Cast Portal and can't find those tickets for Buzz Lightyear anywhere. I would go ask HR, but you seem to know more than they do! WOW, how about that, Disneyland will be opening 2 rides on the same day in the same park! Personally I am looking more forward to the Tiki Room reopening than Buzz Lightyear and just imagine what 2 more rides open will do for crowd control and line lenghts! Thanks for all you work Al, but it's time for another article of serious intrigue -- we need more info on the Monsters Ride and what you know of the awesome new idea for the Incredibles ride over at "Disney's Crappy Adventure".

          Al have they interviewed you for the CEO spot yet? :lol:


          • #6
            Great Stuff Al, as always.
            Shouldn't Sleeping Beauty's Castle have an A for Aurora rather than a D for Disneyland?
            I'm very excited about the return of the Tiki Room, and the all the pineapple goodies at the Dole stand. Even more so am I eagerly awaiting the Submarine resurrection. I wish, for nostalgia's sake, the original ride was never discontinued, but alas I cannot change that. With any luck the new show will be worth the wait.
            Buzz Lightyear sounds like a regurgitated version of the Roger Rabbit ride, not something actually new and creative. Tomorrowland is turning into Movieland: all the big rides are based on some movie, not a fantasy-based prediction of the technology of the future. (I find it hilarious that Star Tours is in Tomorrowland when the few words of the movie are "Long ago, in a galaxy far fary away..."). Well, anyways, I still love Disneyland, and Tomorrowland is still my favorite land, I guess that's why I'm so critical of it.

            On a side note, I thought one of Al's closing comments was quite funny.
            If I were a betting man I would not bet on a return for this attraction folks.


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              Originally posted by RabidAlienz
              Hey Al, I am cruising the Disney Cast Portal and can't find those tickets for Buzz Lightyear anywhere. I would go ask HR, but you seem to know more than they do!
              get the tickets at the TEAM store, while supplies last.


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                thanks Al, great update and of couse thanks to the evil photographer!

                so glad to see an update!! next time, shed some light on the new Tinkerbell flight and fireworks show, if you can.

                wishing you all the best!



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                  Love the photos Isaac. Nice work to both of you, as usual!
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                    Originally posted by Al Lutz
                    If I were a betting man I would not bet on a return for this attraction folks.

                    Better see it while you still can.
                    Ohhhhh no Al.... Say it ain't so. I sincerely hope that you haven't heard something a bit more concrete and you're just giving it to us piece by piece. If they take out 'Great Moments...' I think I'll cry for a month. Lincoln was Walt's favorite President. He absolutely loved the man. And as it stands now, we are losing, piece by piece, the parts of the park that Walt was directly tied to.
                    I love the new Lincoln attraction. I see the show everytime I go to the park (three or four times a year) and it always kills me to see how empty the theatre is.
                    Please everyone, we've got to make sure this attraction doesn't go the way of the SkyTram.
                    Or, am I the only one who has affinity for this great piece of art!
                    I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

                    the world of disneyking


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                      Al and Isaac thanks for the update and Photos, your work is appreciated.

                      I won't hold my breath on the opening of Finding Nemo. It will be a sight to see when they do actually start breaking ground. The tops of the Emporium with the blue colored roof, almost match the Castle.
                      Anyhow the park is coming around beautifully.
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                        ohh yeah, and Al, I freakin' love MiceAge. You've been the greatest online treasure for me seeing as how I live 700 miles away from my Laughin' Place and can't frequent it as much as I like.
                        Keep up the great work!
                        And that goes for all the MiceAge crew!
                        I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

                        the world of disneyking


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                          seriously pissed
                          Last edited by tod; 02-18-2005, 01:14 PM.
                          Another refugee from Yertle's stack o' turtles.


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                            Thanks for the update Al! But why do you think Lincoln wont be returning when it says that it will on the poster?:confused:


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                              Originally posted by disneyking
                              Please everyone, we've got to make sure this attraction doesn't go the way of the SkyTram. Or, am I the only one who has affinity for this great piece of art!
                              I like the current Lincoln, but I enjoyed the old Lincoln much more than the current one. Still, I understand what Disney was trying to do - make it more fun and interesting for today's crowd. That said, I'm not at all for the Disney fan community's efforts to save an attraction. They saved it once, years back. And what happened when Disney announced that they were keeping it? The community YAY'd, and then the attraction went back to its same meager crowds.

                              Time marches on, and beloved attractions need to make way for new ones. So my cry would not be to save Lincoln, but rather for Disney to put something in its place that is a worthy successor. Disney's attraction replacement track record has been pretty crappy lately. Maybe with Ouimet closer to the decision makers they'll move in the right direction this time.


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