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"Even More Outtakes" -- Adventure #45


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  • "Even More Outtakes" -- Adventure #45

    It's a season finale tradition for Adventures to do an outtakes show. And, well, it's time for a (belated) season finale. So...

    EPISODE 45: Even More Outtakes-- O is for Outtakes

    We pushed our last episode of the year back a bit, since Horse_Bunny's pregnancy is nearing its end. We figured, the later we put out this outtakes show, the less of a gap there will be between this one and the first episode of next season... which will come sometime after our new arrival (and after we have plenty of time to bond with the little tyke.)

    But, there's not a heck of a lot to be said about an outtakes show, so I won't waste a lot of time or space typing this. You know what to expect -- some flubs, goofs, mistakes, miscues and poorly delivered introductions.

    Yep. These makes Walt's "I thought I got a signal" error look like high theater.

    Please subscribe to our podcast on iTunes -- visit us by clicking HERE.

    You can also find Quicktime versions of the show at Adventure's mainpage. And, obviously, you can learn more about us at our main site:
    Last edited by Disneyphenom; 12-02-2008, 07:45 PM. Reason: because I can't type and made a ton of mistakes.

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    Re: &quot;Even More Outtakes&quot; -- Adventure #45

    All right, I know I'm usually one of the only ones to comment on these, but this was hilarious.
    I really liked the format this year (the whole "remember that time...")
    I'm kind of proud that I guessed pretty much everything that got put in (the joys of having the raw video)... Oh and the Mario scene at the end was so freaking funny!! Like literal LOL worthy
    So basically great as always! And hooray for Year 4... year of the Rat


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      Re: &quot;Even More Outtakes&quot; -- Adventure #45

      Many kudos on adding the sound to my Mario jump. I was on the phone with Sally while I watched and it was freaking hysterical!
      "Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest."

      -Mark Twain


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        Re: &quot;Even More Outtakes&quot; -- Adventure #45

        Yep. These makes Walt's "I thought I got a signal" error look like high theater.
        What a perfect way to end your podcast season! I just spent a thoroughly entertaining 14 min. and 57 sec. watching outtakes of the highest quality. :roll:

        Just some random notes:

        - The coughing outtakes. Because of the smog. Kinda disgusting. But also funny. Yes, I have a warped sense of humor.
        - "C is for Castle. [dramatic pause] Too sexy?" LOL!!!
        - OMG. Easily, my favorite outtake is when Horse Bunny and Tiger broke out singing Tears for Fears. That was...wait for it...
        - More Miranda!

        Thanks for a wonderful season of podcasts! I've enjoyed them all. Yes, even the one where Horse Bunny does that thing, then Rabbit says something and...yeah, even that one! Bravo!!!



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          Re: &quot;Even More Outtakes&quot; -- Adventure #45

          Originally posted by Armadillo4 View Post
          - OMG. Easily, my favorite outtake is when Horse Bunny and Tiger broke out singing Tears for Fears.
          I'm glad that someone like our random singing. Disneyphenom keeps threatening that one day he's going to make a fake-y infomercial for "Songs of Tiger" because I tend to break into song & randomly start singing a lot when we're doing podcasts :P


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