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10/3: The Hotels of Disneyland Paris - Part Six


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  • 10/3: The Hotels of Disneyland Paris - Part Six

    Ian concludes his series giving you a concise and honest look at your choices. Discuss it all here!
    "Politics is the profession whereby the inevitable is made to seem a great human achievement" - Quentin Crisp

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    Re: 10/3: The Hotels of Disneyland Paris - Part Six

    I have a very unpopular opinion on this one. I mean, I love those old style American motels, the kind seen in Psycho where you can always expect to be awakened by a woman begging for mercy to a man named Vinnie. The kind where dozens of people each night ponder how they're going to get away with murder by driving to Mexico.

    Santa Fe feels exactly like one of these motels. It's in the overabundance of neon, the touches of Miami-style art deco, the pale pinks and greens, the fact that people can park their cars in front of their rooms, the semi-seedy feeling it takes on at night when desert plants bathe in the glow of gaudy lights wrapped around lampposts.

    Cheyenne is nice if you're a five year old boy or a 40 year old man who never quite grew out of Bonanza. For everyone else, it will feel a bit like a giant play set. Santa Fe feels much more real and adult-like.

    However, like every other hotel on Disneyland Resort Paris property (with the grand exception of the sparkling clean Disneyland Hotel), it is in need of a refurb. Neon flamingos are only nice when they work.


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      Re: 10/3: The Hotels of Disneyland Paris - Part Six

      First of all, big thanks to Ian for bringing us this series. Very informative on a
      subjects that many of us don't get a chance to see first hand.

      Actually, I didn't like the exterior of Santa Fe at all (at least these pictures). There
      is a little bit of neon at the front marquee, but after that it's strictly pre-fab units with
      only color as the theming (beyond the so called UFO and the cars).

      I would really love to read the background story on this as I just don't see evidence on
      this at all. The actual building style is actually Southwest modern (geometric), but
      the old cars speak of something kitschy (out in the desert) which implies adobe
      art-deco (which is a rounded feel). The marquee (front) and the neon speaks of
      Las Vegas (or maybe Reno).

      All of which means that there's a huge confusion in the message/story resulting
      in uncomfort. Basically a bad "show".

      On the other hand, Cheyenne hangs together much more coherently.

      Strictly IMHO....


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