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10/7: Hong Kong Disneyland - Entertainment

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  • 10/7: Hong Kong Disneyland - Entertainment

    Guest columnist Alain Littaye offers a look at the Entertainment, Shows and Parades in Hong Kong Disneyland. Discuss it here!
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    Re: 10/7: Hong Kong Disneyland - Entertainment

    Well here's my take on the article:

    First of all the chinese guys that are made up to look polynesian look kinda silly to me. It just doesn't look right.

    I have to say that I really like the first picture of the parade. I love the way the castle looks with that mountain/large hill in the background.

    The last thing I wanted to mention is an oversight in the Disney material (I know that Alain didn't write this, he's just quoting it):

    "Sarge and the Green Army Men lead the radio-controlled car "RC" with Buzz Lightyear at the controls while Woody and his girlfriend Jessie twirl their lariats atop an old-fashioned, toy record player."

    Last I checked Woody's girlfriend is Little Bo Peep, and Jessie is Buzz's girlfriend (at least that's how it's implied at the end of Toy Story 2).


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      Re: 10/7: Hong Kong Disneyland - Entertainment

      uvsc_wolverine: I feel silly pondering the romantic link between Woody and Bo-Peep, Buzz and Jessie.. but here it goes.

      I think the word "girlfriend" doesn't necessarily have to mean anything more than a plutonic relationship -- Though, from the way it is written it's hard to be sure what Disney meant. A better choice of words may have been along the lines of 'Woody and his counterpart Jessie'

      Actually, I was thinking of alternatives to "counterpart" and in doing so, I passed on the word "companion" because I thought that implied a dating relationship, even more so than "girlfriend".

      Anyway, after looking at a thesaurus and a dictionary.. I think girlfriend was accurate on Disney's part.

      girl·friend Audio pronunciation of "girlfriend" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (gûrlfrnd)

      1. A favored female companion or sweetheart.
      2. A female friend.
      Ok, so I think thats settled now. hahaha Funny.